Man I Miss This

It’s 12:45am and I just got off my usual Friday night bartending shift.  Bill is asleep next to me so I sit in the dark to unwind.    I’m drinking a tequila, eating pita & humus, and looking at some of my favorite blogs. Man, this internet space, as exhausting as it can be, sure is inspiring.  This week has been one of those very long types….computer crashes, stomach flu  (luckily not me, but poor Bill), end of the semester projects piling up, injury flare up in my shoulder, messy house,  yada yada yada.   But, after it all, I am fortunate, happy, and grateful.    I have yoga to thank for calming my mind, and inspiring bloggers and artist who find the courage to share everything they are and believe in with the rest of the world.  Sometimes a really bad day can be turned around by a simple reminder to love yourself, it’s all that counts in the end, or a reminder that creativity is so very necessary and powerful, I cling to that now.  I miss blogging so much.  Tonight as I look at photographs, and  just sit and write, I realize how much I miss it.   School has brought so much growth into my life, and I’ve really pushed myself, but I miss the freedom to create with out requirements.  But, it is through this process, I for the first time  feel confident in myself as an artist and a creator.    Though this week left me feeling depleted at moments, it has also reminded me to be patient, and to appreciate every moment, even the ones that can really suck.  I’ve also begun to realize how much more honest I want to be in this space, because creativity and beauty comes from honesty and courage… and finding beauty in the less beautiful moments. I’ll be back here soon ( no more school project in 3 weeks!)  but till than here’s a few things I’ve been working on.

*each of these illustrations was completed using Adobe Illustrator by me. Each illustration was given as a school assignment with thematic direction and technical requirements.  

{a creepy dream illustrated}

{a creepy dream illustrated}

{self portrait with text}

{self-portrait with text}





{abstract ocopus's garden}

{abstract octopus’ garden}







WaterColored Roses

flowertiles2I have always wanted to be able to paint beautiful flowers.  So, I’ve been practicing.  I painted these using my grandfather’s water colors that my mom recently sent me.  Water color is one of my favorite mediums.  I love the way color bleeds and and fades.  I love how delicately the paint layers.  It often reminds me of stained glass, and beautiful light.    After playing with the paints on paper, I transferred the images to my computer and messed around with them in Photoshop, making patterns and experimenting with layers.  I get so excited every time I discover new ways to play with mixed media/mediums. My mind is already swimming with ideas, and more visions of water colored flowers. flowerstile3organic2

Casey O’Connell: I’m in Love


{it all fades}

I feel a little late to the party, but I just discover artist Casey O’Connell, and I’m in love.  Her paintings immediately grabbed me, and have been inspiring me since first looking through them.  The bold colors, and whimsical images are magical together.  I want every single one.  I even had a hard time deciding which ones to share, so head over to her website to see even more of her amazing work.  Her paintings have such unique perspectives, especially in her Underwater Studies.  I find it enchantingly charming to imagine the world from inside a fish bowl.  I also enjoy her amusing titles, cleverly suggesting the pieces source of inspiration and mood. I cannot pick a favorite.  Can you?

{top:: and...scene // the after party// bottom:: how I am not myself}

{top:: and…scene // the after party// bottom:: how I am not myself}


{don’t be jealous Bill Murray // * notice the cat peering in bowl from above…Bill Murray?}

{panic attack // the gauntlet}

{panic attack // the gauntlet}

ps. check out her murals! what I wouldn’t do for a wall like that!

Mini Glittered Canvases


This might not be the most in depth DIY tutorial  1. because when I started this project I didn’t know what the plan was, or that I’d be blogging about it  2. because it’s really simple!

I do not have much patience when it comes to letting paint dry between coats, and too often find myself painting on surfaces that are still wet, which leads to tacky, clumpy, and messy work.  My solution…multiple painting projects.  While working on another painting project, I remembered these mini canvases stashed in our art room and decided it was time to give them some color.  The crushed glass glitter I recently purchased (because I NEED more glitter) has such a great texture, on top of awesome sparkle, so why not experiment with it!

1. I began by prepping the canvases with a layer of gesso (quite honestly I believe you could skip this step but using gives the canvas a much smoother finish).

glittercanvasSidebySideFor the first canvas I traced a very light outline for a heart, then, using the red Lumiere paint and a small, flat acrylic brush, filled it in.  I painted 3 layers (with time to dry in between of course!)

Fort the second canvas I used washi tape to mark off 2 triangles and painted 2 of the 4 quarters with purple acrylic paint. Another 3 coats did the trick.

Once painted with simple designs, they needed a little pop…Ta Da! glitter time.

Using the sponge brush I applied a hefty (but no glue pools!) amount of Mod Podge to each edge of the first canvas, then coated the sides with the glitter. *

Similarly, with the second canvas I painted the Mod Podge onto triangles left white, keeping the lines as clean as possible, then glitter away.**

*just a tip: make sure to catch extra glitter that falls using paper under the canvas, there will be a bit

**another tip: just re-glue and re-glitter areas that may be missed. Plus a toothpick can be used to clean up lines and remove unwanted glitter.

While these little guys have found a spot on our kitchen bulletin board (for now) I can see more glittered canvases in my future.


Off Our Wall: Portraits of Our Pets

These are two paintings I did of Scout at least five years ago.  They are short of silly (and she is not black in either picture) but, I’ve really been loving them lately.  They have been on our wall for so long, but I thought I’d share them here.  I think she’s due another portrait session soon.

Scout in Blue

{always sitting in my way while I’m trying to draw…so a drew her}

Scout in Red

{because she looked bossy & like an angry kitty that day}

I kinda cringe to share Bill’s artwork after mine because he is so good.  He did this one yesterday.  The boy has been on our mind.  Bill’s art work amazes me…hopefully he will have his own blog up soon!