Whirlwind of a Weekend


{happy to be back in Austin, a mango habenero margarita at Spider House, & a beautiful aloe plant}

My trip to Austin this past weekend was quite the whirlwind.  It was filled to the brim with wedding planning, marg sipping, shopping, and catching up with three favorite ladies.  The entire weekend was very productive, but super relaxing.  It had been a while since I had been back to Austin, and this trip I felt inspired by so many facets of the city.  I enjoyed being surrounded by fantastic graphics, and art,  all worn and warmed by the incredible Texas heat.  When we go back this fall for the wedding I’d like to spend an entire day on bike, patio hopping and snapping pictures of all the wonderful walls and signs encountered along the way.  I just simply love Austin’s laid back, funky style, and find Hill Country’s hardy landscape and vegetation strikingly beautiful.

In between wedding planning duties we found time for the pool and a dip in Barton Springs, which was surprisingly, but delightfully, chilly.  We also found relief from the heat in the form of air-conditioning, while shopping for my sister’s wedding shoes, and my bridesmaid dress.  We were successful, and her shoes and my dress are the same amazing, vibrant color.   All in all it was one of the most gratifying, and enjoyable vacations I’ve ever had.  Partly made so sweet because of it’s compact schedule.  It was such a memorable treat to spend this time with my mom and my sister.  Saying good-bye Monday was difficult, but made easier knowing we will have more celebrated time together in October. I’m happy to be home, but I can’t wait to see them, and Texas, again soon. xo

{just 3 of the many wonderful signs admired}

{just 3 of the many wonderful signs admired}


{& inspiring graffiti at dusk}


{at The Burlap Bag Etsy Craft Party}


{my sister’s ring & a peek at her sculpture garden venue}


Watercolored Words

Sometimes it’s best said simply, with beautiful colors. I head back home today after a wonderful weekend with my mom and sister.  I am sad to say good-bye, but I leave feeling inspired and ready to get back to my art room and my two loves. See you soon Colorado.

carpediemjust because2HEARTYOU2

Austin Bound

AUSTINHEREICOMEI am currently waiting for a delayed flight out of Denver to Austin, Texas.  I am meeting my mom and my sister for the weekend to do some wedding planning!  My sister’s wedding isn’t until October, but since we live all over the place, we need a weekend in Austin to see the venue, meet with the caterer, plan a photo booth, finalize invites, and everything else we can manage to fit into the next four days.  I hope to do some of this poolside, or with a margarita and chips and salsa in the equation.  I grew up in Texas, and still have family in Austin, so returning to the Love Star State always feels a bit like a homecoming, though I don’t have many ties there, and rarely get back to visit.  Needless to say, I am very excited to have a girls weekend, packed to the brim with my kinda fun! The icing on the cake is I also get to see one of my very best friends who moved to Austin in August, and who now has a big baby belly.  I’m going to savor every minute of it, even if it’s off to a late start.


Memories Made Simple

{a trip to the Seattle EMP Museum}

{Jagger photoed by Jim Marshall – EMP Rolling Stones Exhibit}

{delicious bloody which accompanied a delicious crab BLT}

{at the market}

{tomato love}

{ginger pig snack}

{an evening out with my cousin}

{rain boots & wet leaves}

{the rain came}

My visit with my parents was, as it always is, exactly what I needed.  There is always so much to explore and see while visiting, however this trip was focused mostly on spending quality time together.  Great food, reading, relaxing, shopping, and talking took up most of our week.  We didn’t have any big adventures on our agenda, which was perfectly alright by me.  We ate out at many fantastic restaurants, and had some even more amazing home cooked meals, courtesy of my mom and my cousin.  The beautiful weather turned rainy at the end of my visit which meant more time to read (I never find enough time at home and I started my first Steven King book which I can’t put down).  Sometimes the best vacations are the ones filled with the simple pleasure of being around those you love.  This one was memorable and very special to me.  It’s not often I get both my parents all to myself for a full week (thank you Bill for staying at home with the pets xo).  It’s funny how a trip like this can feel so long, yet simultaneously way too brief when it comes time to say goodbye.

The Weeks of Summer Fly By

Summer has not slowed down one bit!  We just got back from a visit to San Antonio, where we watched my little sister graduate from Baylor Army Medical School for Physical Therapy.  I couldn’t be a prouder big sister.  The trip was made more special by our family all being together for the first time in too long, boyfriends included. San Antonio holds a lot of history for my military family, who have always been on the move but, have in many ways, always ended back in SA.  Being in our old stomping grounds brought back a lot of memories and stories, most of which were spurred by trips past “family landmarks”.   The trip was a whirl wind, but wonderful!   Now, back and unpacked, I feel ready to slow down. Coming home to a cooler Colorado (this week’s highs are in the 80’s), after the scorching heat of Texas, gives me the first itch for fall.   Plus, with students back in classes today and football back on TV, you know fall is just around the corner.  While I may not be back at CSU this fall, I will be starting Web Design and Photoshop classes in two weeks at The Fort Collins Digital Workshop. I’m really excited about learning new tools and skills that can help me improve within this blog, but also will help me explore new projects and possibilities.  Stay tuned.  Here are some photos I was able to snap in between the busy times, trying sum up the past few “go go go” weeks.

{perfect apricots, a gift from our neighbor}

{paper lanterns on our patio}

{an evening out together}

{a toy on loan for the summer}

{the boys doing their morning yoga}

{kitty girl basking in the sun}

{cocktails before our late night flight}

{color of San Antonio}

{river walk}

{first visit back to my high school in nine years}

{Indica, part of our welcoming home committee}


Mini Vacation

{view from hot tub}

Three weeks ago Bill and I headed into the mountains for a night in Estes Park.  Without the hustle and bustle of summer tourists it was nice spending an evening in the stillness and beauty of the Rocky Mountains.  After a brief outing in town (we attempted to get a glass of wine but because of sparse winter hours at most places we had to settle for a caramel apple and a belly warming shot of whiskey) we headed back to the small cabin we rented and locked ourselves away for the rest of our stay, cooking a delicious meal and relishing the warmth of two fire places.  The next day we both felt so refreshed and relaxed as we drove back through the canyon towards home, and though our get away was brief sometimes all you need are a few precious moments to remind yourself of the joy that can be found in the simpler things.


{another unique window display at my favorite shop in Estes}


{our home away from home for the night}


{a little bubbly with dessert}



{revisiting an old favorite}


(rustic touches created a cozy space)


{good morning}