Casual Color


{F21 t-shirt, levis cut-offs, Cira bandeau, Akinz sunglasses, Antonio Melani sandals, necklace gift from mom, zig-zag bangles thrifted, beaded bracelet made by my aunt, F21 earrings}

Being comfortable has been the name of the game lately.  It’s too hot, and uncharacteristically muggy for Colorado, to wear many layers.  I wore this out for an easy, evening bike ride on Sunday.  Before walking out the door I got a little scissor happy again and cut that big diamond in the back of my t-shirt.  I had seen a girl in Austin who’s over sized t-shirt had a triangle cut in the back, and I really liked the simple way it opened the back …so this inspired by that random girl in Austin.  I love being inspired by street style, and Austin was full of it.  I also purchased these sandals on my recent trip to Texas, and I must say, after searching for the perfect, versatile, nude, flat sandal for quite some time, I am very happy with my purchase.  They have become a summer staple for me.



Frozen Foods


These are three snacks I love keeping stocked in  my freezer when it’s warmer outside.  Something sweet, something salty, and something sour.  And apparently all green.


Green grapes easily turn into the perfect frozen treat when washed and put into snack baggies for easy transfer from freezer to pool bag.  You may not eat edamame frozen (or at least I don’t), but I always have a bag in my freezer.  I prefer the edamame in the shell at snack time, because after a  quick boil, a small sprinkle of sea salt, and a few minutes to cool down under cold water, they completely satisfy my craving for a salty, butter bite.  I’m a huge fan of all popsicles, but at home you’ll almost never find our freezer without a box of Lemon and/or Lime popsicles.  They make my sour taste buds very happy (my favorite are dryers outshine bars).

Happy Snacking!

Vintage Floral Snipped

{vintage floral tunic, Jbrand cut-offs, Free People Sunglasses, necklace from outdoor arts fair, boots from Ciara}

{vintage floral tunic, JBrand Jeans turn cut-offs, Free People Sunglasses, necklace from outdoor arts fair, La Mer watch, boots from Cira}

I can be impulsive with clothing.  I impulsively purchase things sometimes (this is something I have been working towards being better at not doing), and I cut clothing impulsively occasionally.  About three years ago I very impulsively, and hastily, snipped the legs off my very favorite, very well loved (meaning very ripped) jeans, resulting in these lop-sided cut-offs.  Despite their asymmetry they are still a favorite of mine, so, luckily my sloppy cutting didn’t ruin them for me.  However, there are many other projects that were snipped, and then sent to the trash, knowing I should have thought it out better.  But, I did it again.  When I saw this Tunic in Austin last week at New Bohemia, I immediately fell in love with the pattern and the sleeves, but the length was awkward on me, and the slits on the side went past my hips.  Not really a dress, not really a shirt, but I got it anyways, with plans of stitching up the side.  “Plans,” because two days ago I impulsively decided I would wear it more as a shirt than a dress, so I cut about 6-7 inches off the bottom.  I’m happy I did, I’m still in love with it.


Cilantro & Parsley Fizz

Want something a little sweet, a little herbalicious, and very refreshing?!  Try this tasty combo.  As the days warm up I’m constantly on the hunt for new ways to wake up my taste buds and zap my thirst…it’s dry here in Colorado and you really have to stay hydrated.  This is the perfect fix for both! I love these to herbs together, but you can mix it up a bit, using other herbs like mint (like a virgin mojito),  or basil.  Get creative with it, and enjoy!


Styled for Summer Rides


{Free People shorts, Loft t-shirt, vintage scarf, Target sunglasses, Gee WaaWaa platforms, I purchased the purse at a small boutique in Seattle, & my Aunt made my beaded bracelets}

We have been on our bikes a lot lately, and it’s quite wonderful.  We rode to Old Town yesterday for a mid day coffee and pie date, stopping along the way to take pictures and enjoy the sunshine.  These shorts I got a while back from Free People, make hopping on a bike a cinch, I really don’t like having to worry about adjusting what I’m wearing while I’m riding.  I love   pairing them with a bright colored tank or T, the combo is super comfortable, and easy to mix up. Oh how I adore summer styling, and getting around on my bike. dot4


vibrant.blooms.vinesIt feels like summer is trying to push its way onto the front range! (what!? it was snowing two weeks ago!)  The past three days have been wonderfully sunny and warm.   The perfect kind of days for taking advantage by dusting off the ol’ bike and stretchin’ her legs, we are gonna spend a lot of time together this summer.   Summer months on the Front Range are pretty awesome, and if you find your self bored here, after the sun comes out to stay, it’s never for a lack of entertainment or adventure.  Soon every weekend will host a new festival, or a new concert series.  Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Fishing poles, tents, longboards, slack lines, etc, all are taken from their winter hibernation and put into daily action.  Patios will become the hotspot for any happy hour, and table spots in the sun will become coveted.    Steetmosphere  also kicks off in Old Town this Friday, so art will be back on the streets downtown once again.     Many students leave for vacation, but the rest of us stay and relish everything our city offers us by getting outside.  I love when the color comes back into this town, when it’s vibrancy really gets kicked up a notch.  It simply allows you to find happiness all around.  Hope you enjoy this little illustration that I made to bring a little more color into everyones day.




{gifted skirt…no brand, F21 T, thrifted earrings, grandmother’s vintage bracelet, target sunglasses, dolce vita wedges, H&M clutch}

The weather got nice enough yesterday to enjoy a drink on the patio, so Bill and I had a spontaneous happy hour date.  After a sweaty yoga class and an afternoon spent cleaning and bumming around in workout gear, it was nice put myself together for a quick outing.  Still feeling a bit casual I threw on a comfy hi-low cotton skirt and plain pale pink T.  I used summer accessories to give the outfit some easy punch.  I purchased this clutch a while ago, but had been saving it for warmer weather…it’s knocking on the door!  The wonderful lion bracelet was a gift from my mother, a hand me down from her mother, who bought it while living in Peru.  It’s very dear to me, and has such special character.

Yesterday was a nice teaser for what’s to come, though I’ll embrace the seasonal swings we have in weather until summer is officially here.


Bold & Bright

Nollie skirt, thrifted tank and purse, Minnetonka moccasins, Anne Taylor Loft sunglasses, necklace from friend’s yard sale box, Cira earrings}

Busy and hot  pretty much sum up the past few weeks.  July seems to be flying by, as time often does, but has been filled with a good balance of work and play.  We have managed to fit in some amazing home cooked meals (my newest obsession being homemade summer corn chowder with fresh jalapeños), a day lounging on the lake, evening golf games, and a night of dancing to celebrate a good friend’s birthday.  With our busy schedules bouncing us between long work days, and filled days off, trying to get the most out of summer, I have been living in easy pieces and shoes that I can move comfortably and quickly in .  I love these new Minnetonka moccasins, I could easily live in them.  The necklace I snagged while packing up a (very unsuccessful) yard sale me and two other girlfriends held. I really liked the candy colored beads in contrast to the natural wood beads, as well as the  chunky playful appeal.  It is just so easy to get away with bright colors in the summer, and I just can’t help myself but to be bright.  Hope everyone has a colorful and happy Monday.

Hey Shorty

{thrifted shorts, noble u top, thrifted purse, sunglasses and silk scarf, dolce vita shoes, earrings a gift from mom}

I’m really picky about shorts.  There is a certain length I’m comfortable wearing, you won’t see me in hot pants, but if they are too long I feel they make me look shorter then I like to think I am.  I found a few pairs that really like while thrifting a week or so ago, and I’m happy to have added them to my summer wardrobe.  While dresses and skirts are a summer staple for me, windy summer evenings on the Front Range often require keeping things wrapped up in order to avoid an inevitable wardrobe malfunction/flashing.    So now, whenever the afternoon breeze rolls in, I have few perfect pairs of go to shorts that help flatter my frame, while keeping my legs appropriately  covered.

At 5’2 I’m always looking for ways to add a little extra height, and I love the way these Dolce Vita wedges help my height while making my legs look longer, especially when I’m wearing shorts.  And though some days a wish I had sky high legs, I really love being short for many reasons.  I fit very comfortably in small spaces, I rarely feel cramped when flying, even in economy, and I can always make myself taller with a great pair of heels.

Sunny Neon Days

{Color in Motion tank, Zenana outfitters shorts purchased here , DIY feather hair accessory, Ann Taylor Loft sunglasses, beaded bracelet c/o my talented aunt and old friendship bracelets}

Today the weather has taken a turn for the rainier, but the last few days have been sun, sun, sun.  On our days off we took advantage of the weather, spending almost all of our time outside soaking it in.  With Spring already seaming to quickly make way for Summer, I have been finding myself drawn towards neons and vibrant shades even more.  I’ve added a few new neon tanks to my collection lately and they have been a staple for me recently.  Here in Colorado we stay pretty active and sometimes shorts and a tank are perfectly appropriate, so that you, and your outfit, can quickly adapt with plans and activities.  We filled our  sunny days this week with golf, long walks, laughs with good friends, and a little patio time.  We spent one evening at our local drive-in, a summer favorite of ours, getting there a little early to enjoy a picnic dinner and some relaxing reading time on our make shift bed piled in the back of the jeep.  It’s the quite, and quaint times around Fort Collins that can make it feel so truly unique and pleasurable to live here. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

{patio relaxing}

{I love this straw tote I got while visiting Charlottesville, perfect for summer}

{they were holding US Open Qualifiers where we had lunch and cocktails}

{on the green…}


{Meeting friends at Odell Brewery}

{J Crew tank, thrifted shorts, Coach purse, Ann Taylor Loft sunglasses, Lux cardigan for after the sun goes down}

{I found these while “treasure hunting” this week, they make a faint chiming sound in the wind♥ }

{cuddled up for movie time}