Tis’ the Season



Having stockings filled to the brim on Christmas morning is one of my favorite memories. My mom always made sure that our stockings were stuffed with creative, cute, & tasty trinkets.  I always knew how much thought and love went into her role as “santa”, making Christmas morning very special for the whole family.  We would slowly go through our stockings sharing and showing what each of us pulled out next, relishing in the discovery of small treats.  I love what can hide in stockings, the little things that fall to the toe, and are fished out last.  I’ve always been drawn to little things of whimsy, and I think small gifts from the heart can have the same, or more, impact as some of the bigger boxes under the tree.

On another holiday note, today we are headed to the forest to find our Christmas tree.  This is the first time we’ve cut down our own tree and I am very excited.  I think this will make our tree even more special this year, and the experience I imagine will be much more lasting than those we have had at tree lots.  Tonight our house will smell like pine and we will be kicking off our holiday season at home decorating and probably listening to Christmas music. Happy Holidays!