Man I Miss This

It’s 12:45am and I just got off my usual Friday night bartending shift.  Bill is asleep next to me so I sit in the dark to unwind.    I’m drinking a tequila, eating pita & humus, and looking at some of my favorite blogs. Man, this internet space, as exhausting as it can be, sure is inspiring.  This week has been one of those very long types….computer crashes, stomach flu  (luckily not me, but poor Bill), end of the semester projects piling up, injury flare up in my shoulder, messy house,  yada yada yada.   But, after it all, I am fortunate, happy, and grateful.    I have yoga to thank for calming my mind, and inspiring bloggers and artist who find the courage to share everything they are and believe in with the rest of the world.  Sometimes a really bad day can be turned around by a simple reminder to love yourself, it’s all that counts in the end, or a reminder that creativity is so very necessary and powerful, I cling to that now.  I miss blogging so much.  Tonight as I look at photographs, and  just sit and write, I realize how much I miss it.   School has brought so much growth into my life, and I’ve really pushed myself, but I miss the freedom to create with out requirements.  But, it is through this process, I for the first time  feel confident in myself as an artist and a creator.    Though this week left me feeling depleted at moments, it has also reminded me to be patient, and to appreciate every moment, even the ones that can really suck.  I’ve also begun to realize how much more honest I want to be in this space, because creativity and beauty comes from honesty and courage… and finding beauty in the less beautiful moments. I’ll be back here soon ( no more school project in 3 weeks!)  but till than here’s a few things I’ve been working on.

*each of these illustrations was completed using Adobe Illustrator by me. Each illustration was given as a school assignment with thematic direction and technical requirements.  

{a creepy dream illustrated}

{a creepy dream illustrated}

{self portrait with text}

{self-portrait with text}





{abstract ocopus's garden}

{abstract octopus’ garden}







May Flowers

The snow in Colorado has finally started to melt, and the earth is beginning to turn green.  So, today I share May flowers and words of wisdom from two inspiring people.  When things get rough I need as many encouraging words as possible.  This week has left me exhausted, and feeling upside down.  Our mantra around the house has become “one day at a time”.  While I was in Tacoma this past week I was taken by all the beautiful flowers in bloom, and since the weather there was surprisingly sunny I was able to snap away any chance I got.  Since being back, it has made me feel more calm and appreciative to spend time working with positive quotes and colorful images.  Using the photos I took on my trip, I created a few little reminders to slow down and smell the flowers.Simple.Happyrunn.truth copybe.uniquehappy.tolstoy copyamazing.poppy copyTolstoy.rose copywarriors

Spring Snow

spring.snow.stormLast Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday about two feet of snow accumulated on the Front Range, leaving us with much needed moister, and in a slight state of seasonal confusion.  It was by far the biggest storm of the year, not letting up much during the three days.  It was the storm we were waiting for all winter, it just graced us with it’s presents a little later than expected.   Though some springs at this same time year might be spent playing sand volleyball and wearing sandals,  we had to settle for tubing and snowball fights this past week.  But I’ll take it!  It really was beautiful, and with the days still being longer than during most winter storms, we got to enjoy the sled hills longer.  We took advantage of while it lasted, because in true Colorado fashion, most of the snow melted over the weekend, and Bill was golfing on Sunday afternoon…and of course today, as I type, it’s beginning to snow a bit again.  This year my flip flops and my boots find them selves sitting next to each other by the front door waiting to see what the next day might bring.  Crazy spring weather sure does keep you on your toes!spring.steeze


{we brought tubes, but these guys used what the park had to offer}



A Little Twist

{gifted brand, F21 tank, thrifted earrings, bangles, and belt, B Makowsky bag, Target glasses and shoes}

{gifted skirt…no brand, F21 tank, thrifted earrings, bangles, and belt, B Makowsky bag, Target glasses and shoes}

Haven’t we seen this skirt before?  Yep, last week.  But it’s so comfortable and easy when the weather is being finicky and can’t decide if it wants to be warm or chilly. Plus, Northern Colorado springs are usually are accompanied by lots of wind, so the length of this skirt makes for safer strolling on windy afternoons.  I enjoy simple staples that can easily be transformed by accessorizing, and the two new accessories that I think really make this outfit different from the last…my new shoes ♥ and my new bangs! They feel like an accessory because I’m still getting use to them, and loving them! (thank you Kayla!) Hope everyone is having a beautiful and fresh start to their week.



{gifted skirt…no brand, F21 T, thrifted earrings, grandmother’s vintage bracelet, target sunglasses, dolce vita wedges, H&M clutch}

The weather got nice enough yesterday to enjoy a drink on the patio, so Bill and I had a spontaneous happy hour date.  After a sweaty yoga class and an afternoon spent cleaning and bumming around in workout gear, it was nice put myself together for a quick outing.  Still feeling a bit casual I threw on a comfy hi-low cotton skirt and plain pale pink T.  I used summer accessories to give the outfit some easy punch.  I purchased this clutch a while ago, but had been saving it for warmer weather…it’s knocking on the door!  The wonderful lion bracelet was a gift from my mother, a hand me down from her mother, who bought it while living in Peru.  It’s very dear to me, and has such special character.

Yesterday was a nice teaser for what’s to come, though I’ll embrace the seasonal swings we have in weather until summer is officially here.


Neon Spring Fling


{F21 beanie & scarf, H&M sweater, Kira dress, Hue tights, thrifted boots, target sunnies}

It is a spring love affair with neon that is sure to turn into a summer romance. It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of bright colors, and quite honestly I’ve worn outfits with more neon, but I’m super excited that there are so many options out there right now, and that is is so easy to find unexpected accessories with a neon touch.  Neon is everywhere and I’m gearing up to take full advantage of the glowing trend.

Lemon-Pepper Pasta with Asparagus

{minimal ingredients so the pasta’s flavor can stand out}

This recipe is full of fresh flavor and a cinch to make.   With the on set of warm weather I have been craving foods reflective of  clean, crisp summer eating, so it seemed appropriate to create a dish using just a few wonderfully paired ingredients.   Citrus is a flavor I always love in the warmer months so this lemon-pepper pasta I picked up at the farmer’s market provide the perfect base for a spring time pasta.  If you can’t find this particular pasta, I imagine that using regular pasta (whole wheat or white) would work too for this recipe, but I would ramp up the lemon and pepper flavors by adding more of both to the dish while cooking.  Also, while asparagus is in season currently, the bunch I bought at the grocery by my work was kind of woody, so I really can’t wait to try this with more tender, slender stalks of asparagus. I would probably skip my first step, boiling asparagus, if using more petit stalks. Enjoy! And let me know if you try it!

*this dish was perfectly paired with baked salmon and a lemon, dill, greek yogurt sauce. yummmmm

                    Ingredients: ( when I was cooking for 2  )

                -1/4 lb lemon-pepper pasta

                -1/2 lb fresh asparagus cut into smaller pieces 

                -4 large garlic cloves, peeled and thinly sliced

                -3 slices of lemon

                -1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil

                -spinkling of thyme, about 1/2 Tblsp

                -1tsp sea salt

                – shaved parmesan, if desired

To begin I flash boiled the asparagus.  I wanted to give them just enough time to soften, but pulled them out quickly, after about 5 minutes, so that they would still have some snap in the dish. Rinse with cool water and set aside.  Then in a medium sauce pan I began to heat the olive oil, garlic, and lemon slices over a low/medium heat to keep the garlic from browning.  I let these simmer together for about 15 minutes.  When the garlic is soft, and very aromatic, add the asparagus, thyme, and salt.  Let all the ingredients cook together for another 10 minutes or so, then reduce the heat to low/warm and cover.

Meanwhile, bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a rolling boil and cook the pasta al dente, 10-12 minutes, stirring frequently.     Drain pasta.  

While still warm add pasta to the sauce pan with olive oil garlic, and asparagus, removing the slices of lemon with tongs first.  Toss lightly and serve. I garnished our dishes with fresh shaved parmesan.

And now you have a delicious spring inspired dish.

{bon appétit}

Simply Clean & Colorful

{dress thrifted, coach purse thrifted, Dolce Vita shoes, Cira sunnies}

My mom is in town visiting and I am just so happy to have her here staying with us for the next few days before her and I fly out of Denver Thursday for my cousin’s wedding on the east coast.  Bill and I spent the weekend, and most of Monday, doing some serious spring cleaning, getting our home ready for her stay, but once the place was sparkling and feeling fresh, it was time to move into vacation mode, and enjoy my mom’s company along with a few small Northern Colorado adventures.  Yesterday was her first full day here and the weather was beautiful (in the 80’s!) so we headed a bit south to Boulder, stopping for some quick thrifting along the way.   And after spending the previous three days in grungy cleaning clothes, absolutely covered in dust, grime, and the harsh smells of cleaning product, it was also the perfect day for throwing on a easy sundress paired with very pretty, simple accessories.  Having a relaxed day, to eat wonderful foods, sip fresh cocktails, and  do a little shopping, means that we had lots of time to catch up on mother daughter time.  Today we’ll probably do more of the same.