Frozen Foods


These are three snacks I love keeping stocked in  my freezer when it’s warmer outside.  Something sweet, something salty, and something sour.  And apparently all green.


Green grapes easily turn into the perfect frozen treat when washed and put into snack baggies for easy transfer from freezer to pool bag.  You may not eat edamame frozen (or at least I don’t), but I always have a bag in my freezer.  I prefer the edamame in the shell at snack time, because after a  quick boil, a small sprinkle of sea salt, and a few minutes to cool down under cold water, they completely satisfy my craving for a salty, butter bite.  I’m a huge fan of all popsicles, but at home you’ll almost never find our freezer without a box of Lemon and/or Lime popsicles.  They make my sour taste buds very happy (my favorite are dryers outshine bars).

Happy Snacking!


Chocolate Covered Cheerios

{tiny treats}

Sometimes all you want is just a little something sweet, just enough to satisfy a late night sweet tooth or mid day sugar craving.  I got the idea to dip cheerios into chocolate while reading one my favorite, and one of the first blogs that hooked me, Cupcakes and Cashmere.  I admire the inspiration and beauty the blog’s author, Emily Schuman, can draw from her bright and detailed photography.  I saw this  post a while back but the notion of chocolate covered cereal stuck with me. I loved that the ones featured on Cupcakes and Cashmere looked like mini doughnuts, but I opted for a little less chocolate and a little less mess.  This also provided the perfect afternoon project do while spending the afternoon with my friend’s daughter Addy, who loves spending time with me in the kitchen almost as much as she loves being in our art room playing with glitter.  The marshmallows and sprinkles were an after thought because we had them, and color makes everything better.  The outcome was delicious and feed back from others has been enthusiastic, my same friend later found her younger son sneaking an unapproved late night snack of these little guys, but I guess what kid could resist this combination? I do believe they also brought out the easily evoked inner child of my boyfriend.  Enjoy!