A New Tradition & Our Tree

DSC_0988We definitely started a new tradition this year by going out to the National Forest in Red Feather to cut down our own Christmas tree.  We listened to Christmas music during our drive, getting extra excited every time a car passed us, driving in the opposite direction with a tree strapped to the top.   Once there we found a spot along the dirt road that looked thick with potential, we parked the car, and with hot chocolate and saw in hand, headed out into the forest to find our perfect tree.  Even with the chilly wind, it was beautiful and refreshing being in the mountains.  There was no lack of trees to choose from, in fact I found the search for our tree a bit overwhelming at first.  Each tree had such unique qualities and shape, some tall and skinny, some crooked and full, some with pine cones, some without, little cute ones and big towering trees that made me wish we had more space.   We found two smaller trees, one for a friend and one for family, before finding the tree we decided to bring home for ourselves. We immediately saw it and fell in love with its enchanting asymmetry, and sweeping, full branches.  On our way home my heart felt full and I couldn’t help but think how special and fulfilling our experience had been.  With our tree up in our living room now, waiting to be decorated, that experience makes its presents there even more magical.

If you live in the Northern Colorado area I highly recommending taking advantage of this opportunity, and make special holiday memories with your family.  Permits are 10$ a tree and can be cut form Dec 1 -Dec. 9 each year.  Get more information here.



{we didn’t cut this one, but it would make a cute tree don’t you think}



{we packed this to help keep us warm}