Vintage Floral Snipped

{vintage floral tunic, Jbrand cut-offs, Free People Sunglasses, necklace from outdoor arts fair, boots from Ciara}

{vintage floral tunic, JBrand Jeans turn cut-offs, Free People Sunglasses, necklace from outdoor arts fair, La Mer watch, boots from Cira}

I can be impulsive with clothing.  I impulsively purchase things sometimes (this is something I have been working towards being better at not doing), and I cut clothing impulsively occasionally.  About three years ago I very impulsively, and hastily, snipped the legs off my very favorite, very well loved (meaning very ripped) jeans, resulting in these lop-sided cut-offs.  Despite their asymmetry they are still a favorite of mine, so, luckily my sloppy cutting didn’t ruin them for me.  However, there are many other projects that were snipped, and then sent to the trash, knowing I should have thought it out better.  But, I did it again.  When I saw this Tunic in Austin last week at New Bohemia, I immediately fell in love with the pattern and the sleeves, but the length was awkward on me, and the slits on the side went past my hips.  Not really a dress, not really a shirt, but I got it anyways, with plans of stitching up the side.  “Plans,” because two days ago I impulsively decided I would wear it more as a shirt than a dress, so I cut about 6-7 inches off the bottom.  I’m happy I did, I’m still in love with it.



Spring Snow

spring.snow.stormLast Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday about two feet of snow accumulated on the Front Range, leaving us with much needed moister, and in a slight state of seasonal confusion.  It was by far the biggest storm of the year, not letting up much during the three days.  It was the storm we were waiting for all winter, it just graced us with it’s presents a little later than expected.   Though some springs at this same time year might be spent playing sand volleyball and wearing sandals,  we had to settle for tubing and snowball fights this past week.  But I’ll take it!  It really was beautiful, and with the days still being longer than during most winter storms, we got to enjoy the sled hills longer.  We took advantage of while it lasted, because in true Colorado fashion, most of the snow melted over the weekend, and Bill was golfing on Sunday afternoon…and of course today, as I type, it’s beginning to snow a bit again.  This year my flip flops and my boots find them selves sitting next to each other by the front door waiting to see what the next day might bring.  Crazy spring weather sure does keep you on your toes!spring.steeze


{we brought tubes, but these guys used what the park had to offer}



A Little Twist

{gifted brand, F21 tank, thrifted earrings, bangles, and belt, B Makowsky bag, Target glasses and shoes}

{gifted skirt…no brand, F21 tank, thrifted earrings, bangles, and belt, B Makowsky bag, Target glasses and shoes}

Haven’t we seen this skirt before?  Yep, last week.  But it’s so comfortable and easy when the weather is being finicky and can’t decide if it wants to be warm or chilly. Plus, Northern Colorado springs are usually are accompanied by lots of wind, so the length of this skirt makes for safer strolling on windy afternoons.  I enjoy simple staples that can easily be transformed by accessorizing, and the two new accessories that I think really make this outfit different from the last…my new shoes ♥ and my new bangs! They feel like an accessory because I’m still getting use to them, and loving them! (thank you Kayla!) Hope everyone is having a beautiful and fresh start to their week.



{gifted skirt…no brand, F21 T, thrifted earrings, grandmother’s vintage bracelet, target sunglasses, dolce vita wedges, H&M clutch}

The weather got nice enough yesterday to enjoy a drink on the patio, so Bill and I had a spontaneous happy hour date.  After a sweaty yoga class and an afternoon spent cleaning and bumming around in workout gear, it was nice put myself together for a quick outing.  Still feeling a bit casual I threw on a comfy hi-low cotton skirt and plain pale pink T.  I used summer accessories to give the outfit some easy punch.  I purchased this clutch a while ago, but had been saving it for warmer weather…it’s knocking on the door!  The wonderful lion bracelet was a gift from my mother, a hand me down from her mother, who bought it while living in Peru.  It’s very dear to me, and has such special character.

Yesterday was a nice teaser for what’s to come, though I’ll embrace the seasonal swings we have in weather until summer is officially here.


Neon Spring Fling


{F21 beanie & scarf, H&M sweater, Kira dress, Hue tights, thrifted boots, target sunnies}

It is a spring love affair with neon that is sure to turn into a summer romance. It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of bright colors, and quite honestly I’ve worn outfits with more neon, but I’m super excited that there are so many options out there right now, and that is is so easy to find unexpected accessories with a neon touch.  Neon is everywhere and I’m gearing up to take full advantage of the glowing trend.

Walk to Breakfast


I love being able to get around this town by foot, and living in an area that really allows us to do so.  Last Sunday we took advantage of the sunny, but brisk weather, and walked to the Mayor of Old Town with two good friends of ours, for a casual breakfast and cocktails.   This was my first time having breakfast at the Mayor, and after trying the Sweet and Savory breakfast sandwich, I must say I’m a huge fan.  It’s maybe one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve had.  It kinda reminded be of a more sophisticated Mcgriddle (those little suckers use to always get me on morning car trips on our way to the mountains for snowboarding) but this one had much better ingredients (of course) and didn’t leave me feeling greasy.   The guys had phenomenal B&G (biscuits and gravy) which I couldn’t help but steal bites from.  The delicious bloody marys, served with a shot of locally brewed porter, were just icing on the cake, or maybe I should say they just spiced up the morning.

The best mornings are those spent slowly, in good company, with good food.  I hope everyone is having a great weekend filled with both. (and getting your green ready!)


Not All Business…Yet!


I’ve been spending most of my free time this week working with Photoshop and Illustrator, and less time taking photos and drawing.  I kinda get sucked in as I’m learning these new programs…but man I love having a new creative outlet, and I just want to learn it all now.  I gave myself this little project yesterday.  What do you think of these business card ideas? I like the bottom two, with the intent of having them printed through a letterpress and given a colored edges (hot pink/aqua?) so that they still have a pop of color.   The goal is to be handing these out by May (I’ve set my Etsy Shop opening date for June 1st!) stay tuned.

{left : created in Illustrator right: created in Photoshop}

{left : created in Illustrator right: created in Photoshop}

Blackbirds & Brights

{Thread & Supply coat, F21 dress, White Mountain boots, thrifted beanie, Only Mine cashmere sweater, Hue tights}

{Thread & Supply coat, F21 dress, White Mountain boots, thrifted beanie, Only Mine cashmere sweater, Hue tights}

We spent our snowy Valentine’s afternoon rummaging through the aisles of our favorite antique mall, something we hadn’t done together in a while.  Bill was on the hunt for vintage blue prints (for an up coming project), while I searched the crowded shelves and displays for nothing in particular, just letting my imagination wander with my eyes.  We were half successful, no blue prints were found.  The day was cold and grey, so after snapping these photos behind the antique mall, we headed home for a cozy dinner at home, champagne, and a movie. Perfect.

ps I love black birds (I have one tattooed on my back) and this tree was full of them cackling and tweeting to one another…it was a pretty loud commotion on such a quiet day.








A New Tradition & Our Tree

DSC_0988We definitely started a new tradition this year by going out to the National Forest in Red Feather to cut down our own Christmas tree.  We listened to Christmas music during our drive, getting extra excited every time a car passed us, driving in the opposite direction with a tree strapped to the top.   Once there we found a spot along the dirt road that looked thick with potential, we parked the car, and with hot chocolate and saw in hand, headed out into the forest to find our perfect tree.  Even with the chilly wind, it was beautiful and refreshing being in the mountains.  There was no lack of trees to choose from, in fact I found the search for our tree a bit overwhelming at first.  Each tree had such unique qualities and shape, some tall and skinny, some crooked and full, some with pine cones, some without, little cute ones and big towering trees that made me wish we had more space.   We found two smaller trees, one for a friend and one for family, before finding the tree we decided to bring home for ourselves. We immediately saw it and fell in love with its enchanting asymmetry, and sweeping, full branches.  On our way home my heart felt full and I couldn’t help but think how special and fulfilling our experience had been.  With our tree up in our living room now, waiting to be decorated, that experience makes its presents there even more magical.

If you live in the Northern Colorado area I highly recommending taking advantage of this opportunity, and make special holiday memories with your family.  Permits are 10$ a tree and can be cut form Dec 1 -Dec. 9 each year.  Get more information here.



{we didn’t cut this one, but it would make a cute tree don’t you think}



{we packed this to help keep us warm}