Man I Miss This

It’s 12:45am and I just got off my usual Friday night bartending shift.  Bill is asleep next to me so I sit in the dark to unwind.    I’m drinking a tequila, eating pita & humus, and looking at some of my favorite blogs. Man, this internet space, as exhausting as it can be, sure is inspiring.  This week has been one of those very long types….computer crashes, stomach flu  (luckily not me, but poor Bill), end of the semester projects piling up, injury flare up in my shoulder, messy house,  yada yada yada.   But, after it all, I am fortunate, happy, and grateful.    I have yoga to thank for calming my mind, and inspiring bloggers and artist who find the courage to share everything they are and believe in with the rest of the world.  Sometimes a really bad day can be turned around by a simple reminder to love yourself, it’s all that counts in the end, or a reminder that creativity is so very necessary and powerful, I cling to that now.  I miss blogging so much.  Tonight as I look at photographs, and  just sit and write, I realize how much I miss it.   School has brought so much growth into my life, and I’ve really pushed myself, but I miss the freedom to create with out requirements.  But, it is through this process, I for the first time  feel confident in myself as an artist and a creator.    Though this week left me feeling depleted at moments, it has also reminded me to be patient, and to appreciate every moment, even the ones that can really suck.  I’ve also begun to realize how much more honest I want to be in this space, because creativity and beauty comes from honesty and courage… and finding beauty in the less beautiful moments. I’ll be back here soon ( no more school project in 3 weeks!)  but till than here’s a few things I’ve been working on.

*each of these illustrations was completed using Adobe Illustrator by me. Each illustration was given as a school assignment with thematic direction and technical requirements.  

{a creepy dream illustrated}

{a creepy dream illustrated}

{self portrait with text}

{self-portrait with text}





{abstract ocopus's garden}

{abstract octopus’ garden}







Less is More


The older I get the more I’m learning less is more.  I remind myself I can’t fill my days with too much, that there are limits to how much I can accomplish in 24 hours.  I am letting the little things move me and make me feel content.  There are lots of big things coming this fall, so I want to savor summer while it’s here, while remaining productive and focused towards up coming goals.   More challenges in keeping life balanced, but the more it’s practiced the easier I find it.  I have also been getting back into my yoga practice again, and I find it helps to center me, and energize me.  July is already half way over, and summer can’t be put on pause, but today I’m going to slow down and do some small things around the house that make me happy, and need to get done.  Happy Monday, hope your week is off on a happy foot!

It was InstaLove

I recently became an iPhone owner, and while there are many reasons I love my up grade, my absolute favorite part about my new phone is the camera.  It’s incredible having a camera at my figure tips at all times.   I’ve been able to capture images on the go, and create images that reflect the simple moments I love so much.  All the fun photo apps out there make photo editing a little addictive too.  I’ve joined the photo sharing world of Instagram and I find it quite an inspiring space.  I look forward to many more moments to snap & share.  If you’re on Instagram follow me @SheWearsGlitter.  Here’s some pics from the  past few weeks, which have been wonderfully mellow and quiet, as we ease into the longer, warmer days of summer.
instacollage copy

Personal Zen


Currently I’ve been focused on practicing being more present. We can only live one day at a time, and I have to constantly remind myself of that.  This can be a challenge when so many things I am working towards require thinking about, and making plans for, the future.  But, for the first time since starting college, I find myself moving in a direction in which I am confident and motivated, with specific career goals in mind.  I have a passion for creating and imagining, and have found a space where my talents can best be put to use.  I am excited to continue working hard and educating myself, knowing it will lead me towards a purposeful and fulfilling career…it only took a decade of exploration, many mistakes, lots of lessons learned, and loving support to find myself here.  For me this means more than reaching for financial security or success.  Finding this direction has made me feel assured in who I want to be as I continue to grow, and is forcing me to ask myself what I truly have to offer others and myself.   The challenge I face now is learning to concentrate on the goals I set for myself, and moving forward with them.  Which is exciting and a little nerve racking for someone who spends too much time thinking about…EVERYTHING.   This is where being more present comes in really handy for me, because I tend to be more focused and productive when I stay in the moment.  Otherwise, my thoughts, my worries, my creativity, and my objectives, all pull me in too many directions.  Right now, as I begin this practice, I am setting daily intentions that ultimately work towards my big picture goals.  I believe in balance in every aspect of life, and this is another place in my life, and in my mind, where I must learn to find a balance.  With our lives in constant flux, we must reassess the areas in our life that need re-balancing, and adjust accordingly.   You know what they say: “Life is a balancing act”.

The Weeks of Summer Fly By

Summer has not slowed down one bit!  We just got back from a visit to San Antonio, where we watched my little sister graduate from Baylor Army Medical School for Physical Therapy.  I couldn’t be a prouder big sister.  The trip was made more special by our family all being together for the first time in too long, boyfriends included. San Antonio holds a lot of history for my military family, who have always been on the move but, have in many ways, always ended back in SA.  Being in our old stomping grounds brought back a lot of memories and stories, most of which were spurred by trips past “family landmarks”.   The trip was a whirl wind, but wonderful!   Now, back and unpacked, I feel ready to slow down. Coming home to a cooler Colorado (this week’s highs are in the 80’s), after the scorching heat of Texas, gives me the first itch for fall.   Plus, with students back in classes today and football back on TV, you know fall is just around the corner.  While I may not be back at CSU this fall, I will be starting Web Design and Photoshop classes in two weeks at The Fort Collins Digital Workshop. I’m really excited about learning new tools and skills that can help me improve within this blog, but also will help me explore new projects and possibilities.  Stay tuned.  Here are some photos I was able to snap in between the busy times, trying sum up the past few “go go go” weeks.

{perfect apricots, a gift from our neighbor}

{paper lanterns on our patio}

{an evening out together}

{a toy on loan for the summer}

{the boys doing their morning yoga}

{kitty girl basking in the sun}

{cocktails before our late night flight}

{color of San Antonio}

{river walk}

{first visit back to my high school in nine years}

{Indica, part of our welcoming home committee}


Life Lately

Just some things that are making me happy these days.

{vintage vase & umbrellas to make summer drinks more festive}

{mini bottles & vintage wine box shelf to hold tiny treasures}

{flavored sugars for summer deserts & cocktail rims}

{comfy moccasins}

{cooling off at night on our patio}

Hope there is lots to make you happy this week.  xo