Less is More


The older I get the more I’m learning less is more.  I remind myself I can’t fill my days with too much, that there are limits to how much I can accomplish in 24 hours.  I am letting the little things move me and make me feel content.  There are lots of big things coming this fall, so I want to savor summer while it’s here, while remaining productive and focused towards up coming goals.   More challenges in keeping life balanced, but the more it’s practiced the easier I find it.  I have also been getting back into my yoga practice again, and I find it helps to center me, and energize me.  July is already half way over, and summer can’t be put on pause, but today I’m going to slow down and do some small things around the house that make me happy, and need to get done.  Happy Monday, hope your week is off on a happy foot!


Personal Zen


Currently I’ve been focused on practicing being more present. We can only live one day at a time, and I have to constantly remind myself of that.  This can be a challenge when so many things I am working towards require thinking about, and making plans for, the future.  But, for the first time since starting college, I find myself moving in a direction in which I am confident and motivated, with specific career goals in mind.  I have a passion for creating and imagining, and have found a space where my talents can best be put to use.  I am excited to continue working hard and educating myself, knowing it will lead me towards a purposeful and fulfilling career…it only took a decade of exploration, many mistakes, lots of lessons learned, and loving support to find myself here.  For me this means more than reaching for financial security or success.  Finding this direction has made me feel assured in who I want to be as I continue to grow, and is forcing me to ask myself what I truly have to offer others and myself.   The challenge I face now is learning to concentrate on the goals I set for myself, and moving forward with them.  Which is exciting and a little nerve racking for someone who spends too much time thinking about…EVERYTHING.   This is where being more present comes in really handy for me, because I tend to be more focused and productive when I stay in the moment.  Otherwise, my thoughts, my worries, my creativity, and my objectives, all pull me in too many directions.  Right now, as I begin this practice, I am setting daily intentions that ultimately work towards my big picture goals.  I believe in balance in every aspect of life, and this is another place in my life, and in my mind, where I must learn to find a balance.  With our lives in constant flux, we must reassess the areas in our life that need re-balancing, and adjust accordingly.   You know what they say: “Life is a balancing act”.

100th Post

As a naurally creative and self driven person, this blog has been an amazing classroom.  With the last 100 posts I feel I have learned so much.  I’ve learned about web design and Photoshop.  I’ve learned how to better use my DSRL camera.  I’ve become more and more familiar with WordPress (I’m currently working on building a WordPress.org site for the future!).  I have loved learning how to use art programs on my iPad, and I love the personal touch they add to my blog.  It has been an adventure learning all the ins and outs of a technical world I knew nothing about when I started.  Learning how to translate my skills and aesthetic, into a space that I am proud to say represents me, has been a struggle and a gift.  A perfectionist, I often beat myself up over the quality of photos I am producing each week, or because I want more from my blog than I am able to immediately produce (web design & I still have a lot of learning to do). Slowly but surely this blog will one day be a full vision of what I’d like, but along the way I have learned am learning to be patient with myself, as I learn. (so much learning!)  And, I can honestly say I am proud when I look back at my posts, knowing how far my work on this blog has come since day one, when I used my phone camera to snap pictures for His & Her Whole Wheat Pizzas. I was clueless about so much, I was just jumping in head first for the experience.  This blog has become so much more to me then I could have realized 99 post ago.  It has brought me so much pleasure and happiness.  It has also challenged me. Changed me.  It has brought me to tears(what’s the point of doing this?!), and frustrated anger (that sick feeling in your stomach when everything you’ve worked so hard on has been erased…we’ve all been there).  It has taught me to have more faith in myself, and that I don’t give up, even when I want to, even on the days the work I did feel pointless. It has served as a tool in finding a genuine, and strong, sense of self.  What I have learned about myself is not seen so much in the content I share, but through the process it took to get it there.  If each post could be viewed as a lesson, as I learned something new with each one, than I can’t wait to see what the next 100 have to teach me, or what I might find out about myself.   Thank-you thank-you thank-you to my readers and everyone who has shown me so much support! It is so appreciated and necessary.  xo

“Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous.”