4valentinesblogI’ve always loved designing Valentine’s cards, there really are not many better subjects than love.  So these are this year’s designs, and while I actually had them designed in the first week of January, it took me until today to make them available on my Etsy shop.  I really  need to learn to get ahead of the holidays.  Wait….lets back up….Esty Shop? Yep that’s right!  While I was away from this space I did get some other things crossed off my To Do list,  one of those things being finally opening my Etsy store, Little Plum Design Shop.  Though I am still very new to the process of selling my products, and harbor some anxiety about the idea of shipping out products (post offices and mail can bring me unnecessary stress), I am thrilled to have finally opened shop so that I can begin sharing more of my work and paper goods.  It also gives me a new space to learn about graphic design and my art.  I struggle photographing my cards with the lighting we have available in our apartment, so creating better, and more consistent, natural light for my photographs is something I look forward to learning more about.  There is always so much to learn! It’s actually quite exciting! 

Today in yoga our mantra for class was, Today I am stronger than I was yesterday. In this moment I am stronger than I was in the moment before. With this breath I am stronger than I was  with the breath before.  During a very physically challenging class it helped to move my mind from the fatigue I felt in my limbs, powering me through moments when I struggled.  I carried this mantra with me off the matt, and realized it is true for many places in life.  On those day that I question my work, or learning a new skill becomes frustrating, I will tell myself those words, I am stronger today than I was yesterday, knowing that as I continue to learn more and more about blogging, graphic design, or just being a good, honest human being, I will be getting stronger, slowly perhaps, but surely.  

oh and go check Little Plum Design Shop on Etsy pretty please!


Holiday Sparkler

4thjulyWishing everyone a safe & fun 4th of July!  Hope it’s filled with lots of picnic food &  beautiful fire works!


Voted Best Dad Ever 28 Years in a Row!

Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad ever.  Thank you for your endless support, and all the amazing things you have taught me along the way.   I can’t imagine where I’d be without you.  Thank you for always guiding me in the right direction, while loving me for exactly who I am, or what mistakes I’ve made.    Wish we could go on an antiquing excursion today, or go explore a new place with our cameras.  I look forward to all the many more Father Daughter adventures we will have together.  I love you. xo

P.S. my dad is an avid political button collector, a hobby that began about 15 Father’s Days ago when I framed a few vintage buttons (Kennedy I believe) which he had saved from his childhood.  Years later the few pins I so amateurly framed, are joined by hundreds more, and can cover an entire wall.   They inspired this years Father’s Day cards.
BestDaDButton“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” ~ Jim Valvano

Cinco de Mayo!


Life has gotten stressful lately. I felt a little distant from this space last month for a multitude of reasons.  One being that I have been spending most of my computer time focusing on practicing in Illustrator and  Photoshop.  I am excited by what I have been learning, and I feel inspired as I see my work being transformed and polished through these new programs.  The past month I have realized whole new possibilities in design and creativity.  So while life has been more on the hectic side (this year has just been full of new challenges) I relish in having passion for art and creativity.  I am grateful for new ways to explore design.  Today will be spent trying to relax, photo editing, and making tacos at home.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Zombie Cake

While browsing cute boutiques in Seattle with my mom I came across these zombie finger puppets, (which I also found online here) and bought them, not knowing exactly what I was going to do with them.  While thinking about what holiday treats I wanted to make this year, I realized how cute, and creepy, these guys would be as toppers for a zombie themed Halloween cake.  I invited my friend Rae over to help me assemble the cake, which came together quickly and easily.  I cut corners on this one by using boxed yellow cake mix and store bought chocolate icing.  Everything else I used to decorate the cake I had on hand at home.   I made a two layered round cake so I was able to added a little more pizzaz by spreading raspberry jam and Nutella between the layers…yum!   Coconut dyed with green food coloring was a simple solution for our grass.  I hadn’t thought about making mounds of “dirt” for the zombies to be emerging from, but when Rae mentioned it I loved the idea.  We had cut off the top of the the bottom layer in order to make a flat surface for joining the two layers.  From the extra, slightly rounded and thin top layer, we cut the raised grave mounds.  Our tombstones were made from black card stock and a white colored pencil, they took us less than 5 minutes to finish.  Each grave got a zombie, which I propped up by first inserting a toothpick into the the cake, then placing the zombie over the toothpick.  As a finishing touch we added finely crumbled oreos, minus cream, to give the graves a more textured earth feel.  Bill gets credit for this idea, I didn’t even know we had oreos on hand.  The final result was so much better than I had anticipated.  These will definitely make a return next year, maybe as cupcakes? I would just need more zombies! Happy Halloween Everyone! Hope you have a spooky and safe holiday.

Halloween Around Here

{cuties & cute pumpkin}

I love getting our place fall ready.  Halloween decorations are some of my favorite, and this year I got started on October 1st so we’d have as much time as possible to enjoy them, because often I feel they come down too quickly after going up.    With our limited space (it gets really cozy in here) I like to focus on smaller decorative details, so I display quirky collections, like my Edward Gorey books/illustrations, and lots of pumpkins, I’m a sucker for them.  While October has again gone by quickly, we have already been able to fill our fall with wonderful seasonal activities and foods.    Last night was spent making a home cooked meal, rich with autumn flavors, and finishing one last Halloween treat I’ve had on my Must Make list (Can’t wait to share tomorrow!)  This time of year never goes unappreciated. Hope everyone has their costumes already for tomorrow’s Trick or Treating!

{skeleton malbec}

{remember Scary Stories?}

{creepy Edward Gorey card deck}

{… & his books}



{pumpkins & plants}

{fall foliage}

{vintage lights & paper wheels}

{black cat}


Heart Filled Holiday

{i love you}

I spent my Valentine’s Day catching up on all the little holiday crafts I had on my to do list but ran out of time to finish.  Better late the never!  I made quick little valentine’s and chocolate cupcakes with homemade paper flags.  Everything was super easy and turned out so cute, and seemed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

{simple materials for a simple project}

{sweet messages}

{a little glitter and glue goes a long way}

{these flags would be great for any special occasion}

{bite-size cupcakes and sprinkles}

{you tame my heart}

{a cute way to use the new heart-hole punch Bill got me}

{our love is out of this out this world}

{ "sending all my loving to you..." }

{ready for delivery}