Frozen Foods


These are three snacks I love keeping stocked in  my freezer when it’s warmer outside.  Something sweet, something salty, and something sour.  And apparently all green.


Green grapes easily turn into the perfect frozen treat when washed and put into snack baggies for easy transfer from freezer to pool bag.  You may not eat edamame frozen (or at least I don’t), but I always have a bag in my freezer.  I prefer the edamame in the shell at snack time, because after a  quick boil, a small sprinkle of sea salt, and a few minutes to cool down under cold water, they completely satisfy my craving for a salty, butter bite.  I’m a huge fan of all popsicles, but at home you’ll almost never find our freezer without a box of Lemon and/or Lime popsicles.  They make my sour taste buds very happy (my favorite are dryers outshine bars).

Happy Snacking!


Frozen Avocado Margaritas

It has been hot here the last few days and according to forecasts (which I honestly pay little attention to but often get updates from others while working behind the bar) it is going to stay that way for a while.  Our pets lounging habits prove to be the first indication of the arrival of the heat, sprawling themselves belly up on the floor in front our window fans, followed by my insane cravings for all things, fresh, fruity, and cold.   On one of our recent evenings off together I whipped up a quick batch of Avocado Margaritas to accompany the warm evening and the heat  of our jalapeño packed dinner.  One of my best friends had been raving about this margarita that she had while visiting Austin but for some reason we never replicated our own recipe (actually I think she did once or twice, but I sadly wasn’t there).  Now that I’ve had one I think I may me hooked. The avocado lends its creamy butteriness to the tart base of a margarita so perfectly, resulting in a flavor and sweetness that reminds me of key lime pie.  Enough talking about this delightful cocktail, because really once you’ve tried it, it’ll do all the self promotion needed to get you hooked too.

Ingredients (for 4 drinks) :

-4oz silver/blanco tequila

-2 oz triple sec

-fresh lime juice (I used the juice from 3 medium limes but you can add more of less depending on how tart you like your margs)

-2 oz cilantro-lime simple syrup (I make this at home and will do a tutorial soon, but you can use a basic simple syrup like this)

-1 avocado

-2cups of ice (I find ice ratios can be tricky so I always have extra on hand to add more if the consistency is to watery for me, I like thicker icy drinks)

-lime rounds/wedges for garnish

All the ingredients get added together in the blender and then blend away!

And because it was just the two of us, and these tasty guys can sneak up on ya, we saved the rest by freezing it in mini dixi cups to have as tiny late night treats or poolside.

Enjoy x