Man I Miss This

It’s 12:45am and I just got off my usual Friday night bartending shift.  Bill is asleep next to me so I sit in the dark to unwind.    I’m drinking a tequila, eating pita & humus, and looking at some of my favorite blogs. Man, this internet space, as exhausting as it can be, sure is inspiring.  This week has been one of those very long types….computer crashes, stomach flu  (luckily not me, but poor Bill), end of the semester projects piling up, injury flare up in my shoulder, messy house,  yada yada yada.   But, after it all, I am fortunate, happy, and grateful.    I have yoga to thank for calming my mind, and inspiring bloggers and artist who find the courage to share everything they are and believe in with the rest of the world.  Sometimes a really bad day can be turned around by a simple reminder to love yourself, it’s all that counts in the end, or a reminder that creativity is so very necessary and powerful, I cling to that now.  I miss blogging so much.  Tonight as I look at photographs, and  just sit and write, I realize how much I miss it.   School has brought so much growth into my life, and I’ve really pushed myself, but I miss the freedom to create with out requirements.  But, it is through this process, I for the first time  feel confident in myself as an artist and a creator.    Though this week left me feeling depleted at moments, it has also reminded me to be patient, and to appreciate every moment, even the ones that can really suck.  I’ve also begun to realize how much more honest I want to be in this space, because creativity and beauty comes from honesty and courage… and finding beauty in the less beautiful moments. I’ll be back here soon ( no more school project in 3 weeks!)  but till than here’s a few things I’ve been working on.

*each of these illustrations was completed using Adobe Illustrator by me. Each illustration was given as a school assignment with thematic direction and technical requirements.  

{a creepy dream illustrated}

{a creepy dream illustrated}

{self portrait with text}

{self-portrait with text}





{abstract ocopus's garden}

{abstract octopus’ garden}







Vintage Floral Snipped

{vintage floral tunic, Jbrand cut-offs, Free People Sunglasses, necklace from outdoor arts fair, boots from Ciara}

{vintage floral tunic, JBrand Jeans turn cut-offs, Free People Sunglasses, necklace from outdoor arts fair, La Mer watch, boots from Cira}

I can be impulsive with clothing.  I impulsively purchase things sometimes (this is something I have been working towards being better at not doing), and I cut clothing impulsively occasionally.  About three years ago I very impulsively, and hastily, snipped the legs off my very favorite, very well loved (meaning very ripped) jeans, resulting in these lop-sided cut-offs.  Despite their asymmetry they are still a favorite of mine, so, luckily my sloppy cutting didn’t ruin them for me.  However, there are many other projects that were snipped, and then sent to the trash, knowing I should have thought it out better.  But, I did it again.  When I saw this Tunic in Austin last week at New Bohemia, I immediately fell in love with the pattern and the sleeves, but the length was awkward on me, and the slits on the side went past my hips.  Not really a dress, not really a shirt, but I got it anyways, with plans of stitching up the side.  “Plans,” because two days ago I impulsively decided I would wear it more as a shirt than a dress, so I cut about 6-7 inches off the bottom.  I’m happy I did, I’m still in love with it.


I Heart Biking


Things have been pretty wonderful around here lately.  It has been two months since we’ve had a car (we had to say good-bye to my jeep after 10 very adventurous & reliable years together), and biking has become our main mode of transportation this summer.  I have fallen in love.  I’ve always enjoyed biking around our town, but until being forced to rely on my bike daily, I didn’t realize how much joy it brought me.  I love the different perspectives I get while on my bike; it slows you down, and forces you to take notice of your surroundings.  Biking really gets my thoughts, imagination, and creative juices flowin! (not to mention my heart rate!)  I often see things on my ride that inspire me, or compel me to stop and take a picture.  Getting from point A to point B is really never dull, but rather invigorating.  We get our new car this coming week, which I am very grateful for, but I am making a pact with myself to continue to use my bike as my main mode of transportation through the summer. bikestripe3bikestrip5

My necklace was an “accidental” DIY, so stay tuned for a post on how to make it soon!



Last week I tried on 3 frames from Rivet & Sway, and by Monday of this week I had my new frames in my hand!   I changed my mind last minute, and ended up buying the Punchline in Neapolitan.  They are great! I’ve pretty much lived in them since Monday with no complaints, only complements!   These frames will be fun to have for the summer, the color just makes them perfectly playful.  Also, every other pair of glasses I’ve owned since high school have been more narrow and rectangular, sometimes you just have to switch things up, and I’m happy I gave these a go.  Come fall I’m sure I’ll find myself in the market for a frame with a slightly more sophisticated touch, so, I’ll be back to Rivet & Sway, because it was just such an easy, pleasant experience.  Plus, their frames are adorable, affordable, and fit!  I’ve always been one for accessorizing, and now with the right frames, fashion and function perfectly meet.  I’m excited to think that from now on glasses can again be part of my wardrobe and outfits, and not just used behind closed doors before bed.glasses2


Spring Snow

spring.snow.stormLast Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday about two feet of snow accumulated on the Front Range, leaving us with much needed moister, and in a slight state of seasonal confusion.  It was by far the biggest storm of the year, not letting up much during the three days.  It was the storm we were waiting for all winter, it just graced us with it’s presents a little later than expected.   Though some springs at this same time year might be spent playing sand volleyball and wearing sandals,  we had to settle for tubing and snowball fights this past week.  But I’ll take it!  It really was beautiful, and with the days still being longer than during most winter storms, we got to enjoy the sled hills longer.  We took advantage of while it lasted, because in true Colorado fashion, most of the snow melted over the weekend, and Bill was golfing on Sunday afternoon…and of course today, as I type, it’s beginning to snow a bit again.  This year my flip flops and my boots find them selves sitting next to each other by the front door waiting to see what the next day might bring.  Crazy spring weather sure does keep you on your toes!spring.steeze


{we brought tubes, but these guys used what the park had to offer}





{gifted skirt…no brand, F21 T, thrifted earrings, grandmother’s vintage bracelet, target sunglasses, dolce vita wedges, H&M clutch}

The weather got nice enough yesterday to enjoy a drink on the patio, so Bill and I had a spontaneous happy hour date.  After a sweaty yoga class and an afternoon spent cleaning and bumming around in workout gear, it was nice put myself together for a quick outing.  Still feeling a bit casual I threw on a comfy hi-low cotton skirt and plain pale pink T.  I used summer accessories to give the outfit some easy punch.  I purchased this clutch a while ago, but had been saving it for warmer weather…it’s knocking on the door!  The wonderful lion bracelet was a gift from my mother, a hand me down from her mother, who bought it while living in Peru.  It’s very dear to me, and has such special character.

Yesterday was a nice teaser for what’s to come, though I’ll embrace the seasonal swings we have in weather until summer is officially here.


Umami, a Local Eatery on Wheels

UmamiTruckI finally got to try one of our local food trucks! It was a delicious experience.  I had seen Umami parked in front of my favorite breweries many times before, I just never got an opportunity to give it a go until recently.  Even though I wasn’t very hungry I couldn’t resist trying the Thai Nachos with pork, and the Edamame tossed in soy ginger and sea salt.  This was kind of a food truck teaser, and reminder, that when the weather gets a bit warmer, to go hunt down a Fort Collin’s food truck.  I definitely will be back to Umami, wherever the Avion may be parked, to try their Bahn Mi Sandwich! Yum!



Blackbirds & Brights

{Thread & Supply coat, F21 dress, White Mountain boots, thrifted beanie, Only Mine cashmere sweater, Hue tights}

{Thread & Supply coat, F21 dress, White Mountain boots, thrifted beanie, Only Mine cashmere sweater, Hue tights}

We spent our snowy Valentine’s afternoon rummaging through the aisles of our favorite antique mall, something we hadn’t done together in a while.  Bill was on the hunt for vintage blue prints (for an up coming project), while I searched the crowded shelves and displays for nothing in particular, just letting my imagination wander with my eyes.  We were half successful, no blue prints were found.  The day was cold and grey, so after snapping these photos behind the antique mall, we headed home for a cozy dinner at home, champagne, and a movie. Perfect.

ps I love black birds (I have one tattooed on my back) and this tree was full of them cackling and tweeting to one another…it was a pretty loud commotion on such a quiet day.








A Polka Dot Day


{F21 jacket, Target shirt, Cira skirt, Hue tights, Jeffery Campbell heels, Francesca’s belt}

The weather continues to be unseasonably wonderful and warm(ish), which I really don’t mind.  It makes getting dressed a lot more fun, plus  I was  thrilled I got to wear my favorite Jeffery Campbell’s again before the snow comes on Saturday (but we’ll wait and see because Colorado weather doesn’t like being predictive).  We have a relaxing and quiet weekend ahead of us, and I hope to spend most of my time in the art room or curled up on the couch with a book. I am looking forward to less eventful weekend, after all the go go go of the past month, just spending quality time at home with my loves.  Hope everyone has a peaceful and calm weekend.

DSC_0759 polkadot5




During my cousin’s visit about a week ago, Colorado experienced some of the most beautiful January weather, with temperatures in the 60s and sunny.  We took full advantage of the warm, clear days, and what better way in Fort Collins, than with an afternoon brewery tour.  Especially with new guest in tow, visiting one, a few, or all the breweries is a local adventure that must be shared with beer lovers.  Our first brewery to visit was Funkwerks, one of my favorite. Even as one of our newer breweries in town, since opening in 2010 (though the Funkwerks history began before then) they have made quite the name for themselves, within the brew community and with their customers.  I personally love Saisons, their specialty, so grabbing a beer there is always a treat.  This past visit, we were also able check out their new custom Funkwerks art, by local artist Jason Kelsall. I’ve known him since our freshman year at CSU (we lived in the same dorm!), and I’m excited to see his work here in town still.  It looks awesome Jay!

We had a perfect afternoon enjoying great company, some of the best Colorado beer, and lawn games.  Colorado thank you for always treating us so well.

{ hoola hoopin}

{ hoola hoopin}

{this day I was DD, so I drank a cherry-lime italian soda...pretty color isn't it}

{this day I was DD, so I drank a cherry-lime italian soda…pretty color isn’t it}

{colorful patio chairs}

{colorful patio chairs}

[tasting & describing}

{tasting & describing}