In the Pursuit of Dreams

Leap of Faith2

{created in Illustrator}

There are days I have wondered if perusing my dreams will only leave me frustrated and broke, but then I quickly remind myself that it was these feelings of self doubt and fear that lead me so far from happiness and success in my early twenties.  To grow as an individual I’ve had to relearn to trust my instincts, and to live more authentically.  In the past 6 months, with a little extra time left each day without blogging, I returned to my yoga practice.  Through it, I am finding the confidence to continue to pursue only the things that bring joy and love into my life, and those around me.  It is helping me open up, and trust myself as an artist and creative soul.  I’ve mentioned in past posts that finding balance in life and daily routine is very important to me. Returning to my yoga mat, with more commitment and passion than before, has created balance in my physical and mental body in a way I’ve never had before, therefor it has become a powerful tool for me in reaching my goals. I look forward to blogging more about this experience as it has become a necessary and wonderful part of my daily routine.  When you release fear and judgement from your thoughts, it’s amazing where you find yourself mentally and physically, and we must remind ourselves of this daily.  I’m off to pursue dreams today!


Good Night


Our neighborhood is very lively (meaning loud) tonight.  We live right next to campus, so this time of year, as classes end, and graduation/summer celebrations begin, the streets get a bit noisy as the sun goes down.  Last night on my bike ride home I passed stumbling groups of drunk college students scattering from a house party.  Several of the guys were down to there boxer briefs…I was wearing a hoodie, a jacket, and a knit cap for my ride. The summer itch gets students extra rowdy.  I’m happy to be held up in the coziness off our newly rearranged room, and grateful that tonight we can sleep with the window open and enjoy the breeze. Tonight I am channeling good dreams.  Good-night all.