Vintage Floral Snipped

{vintage floral tunic, Jbrand cut-offs, Free People Sunglasses, necklace from outdoor arts fair, boots from Ciara}

{vintage floral tunic, JBrand Jeans turn cut-offs, Free People Sunglasses, necklace from outdoor arts fair, La Mer watch, boots from Cira}

I can be impulsive with clothing.  I impulsively purchase things sometimes (this is something I have been working towards being better at not doing), and I cut clothing impulsively occasionally.  About three years ago I very impulsively, and hastily, snipped the legs off my very favorite, very well loved (meaning very ripped) jeans, resulting in these lop-sided cut-offs.  Despite their asymmetry they are still a favorite of mine, so, luckily my sloppy cutting didn’t ruin them for me.  However, there are many other projects that were snipped, and then sent to the trash, knowing I should have thought it out better.  But, I did it again.  When I saw this Tunic in Austin last week at New Bohemia, I immediately fell in love with the pattern and the sleeves, but the length was awkward on me, and the slits on the side went past my hips.  Not really a dress, not really a shirt, but I got it anyways, with plans of stitching up the side.  “Plans,” because two days ago I impulsively decided I would wear it more as a shirt than a dress, so I cut about 6-7 inches off the bottom.  I’m happy I did, I’m still in love with it.



A Little Twist

{gifted brand, F21 tank, thrifted earrings, bangles, and belt, B Makowsky bag, Target glasses and shoes}

{gifted skirt…no brand, F21 tank, thrifted earrings, bangles, and belt, B Makowsky bag, Target glasses and shoes}

Haven’t we seen this skirt before?  Yep, last week.  But it’s so comfortable and easy when the weather is being finicky and can’t decide if it wants to be warm or chilly. Plus, Northern Colorado springs are usually are accompanied by lots of wind, so the length of this skirt makes for safer strolling on windy afternoons.  I enjoy simple staples that can easily be transformed by accessorizing, and the two new accessories that I think really make this outfit different from the last…my new shoes ♥ and my new bangs! They feel like an accessory because I’m still getting use to them, and loving them! (thank you Kayla!) Hope everyone is having a beautiful and fresh start to their week.

Pink on a Grey Day


{F21 t-shirt, H&M hoodie, Hurley jacket, Loft skirt, Hue tights, Minnetonka boots, necklaces from art show, old heart socks}

Some days require casual attire, and that has been most days around here lately.  Thus, another hooded style post.  Hoodies have been a staple in my Colorado wardrobe ever since moving here in 2003.  The number of hoodies I have gone through in those years remain uncounted, and now, most are unaccounted for.  But I still have my favorites, a few cozy worn in hoodies for lounging in, and few to wear out.   I love having a hood to hide underneath when the weather gets chilly, and I’ve always liked rocking a hood on the outside of coat or jacket.  This hot pink hoodie I bought while in Washington quickly became my go to layering hoodie.

(ps below is the first .gif file I’ve created! super fun and easy and I can’t wait to get more creative with them)

DSC_0668 DSC_0667 DSC_0663pinkandgrey

Zen Dressing

{Banana Republic shirt (old), Cira skirt, Aldo shoes, B Makowsky bag, thrifted scarf & sunglasses, earrings gift from mom}

Life has been pretty casual around here lately.  We have been spending a lot of time at home, which is always wonderful and cozy. This outfit was a brief departure from the yoga pants I’d been wearing most of the day, and much more appropriate for running errands (oh so glamorous).  I am looking forward to the holiday season, and the excuse it gives me to add glitz to any outfit. With more reasons to get out of jeans and t-shirts (or yoga pants) this coming month, I’ll have to snap out of homebody mode just a tad.    However, there will still be plenty of time spent at home during the holidays.  Because, while I love a good holiday party, cooking (& eating), decorating, and just simply sitting in the living room, enjoying the magical light of  our tree, are still what makes this season so wonderful.  That, and being with family. Hope everyone is as ready for holiday cheer as I am.

Very Vibrant

We spent some time in Denver on Monday and Tuesday with friends, mainly getting swept up in the craziness of opening game day for the Rockies. The weather was perfect for spending time outside drinking beer and eating hot dogs, and though the crowds may have been a little thick for any other normal Monday afternoon, it was fun seeing everybody getting ready for summer baseball season to kick off, you’d have thought all of Denver took the day off work to sit at the patios and bars just surrounding the stadium.   But before joining the throngs of purple clad Rockies fans, Bill and I strolled through our friend’s much quieter downtown neighborhood, snapping a few photos and basking in the spring weather.

Vintage Knit Sweater found at Saturday's Yard Sale, F21 Skirt, Old Navy Thrifted Top, Tom's Shoes, Vintage Earrings, Necklace and Bangle + friendship bracelets, Cira Sunglasses, Coach Purse