4valentinesblogI’ve always loved designing Valentine’s cards, there really are not many better subjects than love.  So these are this year’s designs, and while I actually had them designed in the first week of January, it took me until today to make them available on my Etsy shop.  I really  need to learn to get ahead of the holidays.  Wait….lets back up….Esty Shop? Yep that’s right!  While I was away from this space I did get some other things crossed off my To Do list,  one of those things being finally opening my Etsy store, Little Plum Design Shop.  Though I am still very new to the process of selling my products, and harbor some anxiety about the idea of shipping out products (post offices and mail can bring me unnecessary stress), I am thrilled to have finally opened shop so that I can begin sharing more of my work and paper goods.  It also gives me a new space to learn about graphic design and my art.  I struggle photographing my cards with the lighting we have available in our apartment, so creating better, and more consistent, natural light for my photographs is something I look forward to learning more about.  There is always so much to learn! It’s actually quite exciting! 

Today in yoga our mantra for class was, Today I am stronger than I was yesterday. In this moment I am stronger than I was in the moment before. With this breath I am stronger than I was  with the breath before.  During a very physically challenging class it helped to move my mind from the fatigue I felt in my limbs, powering me through moments when I struggled.  I carried this mantra with me off the matt, and realized it is true for many places in life.  On those day that I question my work, or learning a new skill becomes frustrating, I will tell myself those words, I am stronger today than I was yesterday, knowing that as I continue to learn more and more about blogging, graphic design, or just being a good, honest human being, I will be getting stronger, slowly perhaps, but surely.  

oh and go check Little Plum Design Shop on Etsy pretty please!


Watercolored Words

Sometimes it’s best said simply, with beautiful colors. I head back home today after a wonderful weekend with my mom and sister.  I am sad to say good-bye, but I leave feeling inspired and ready to get back to my art room and my two loves. See you soon Colorado.

carpediemjust because2HEARTYOU2

Holiday Cards


I really enjoyed designing these cards and photographing them.  Hope you enjoy them too. I’ll be back very soon with more holiday updates, as we have had a jammed packed month of festive activities.  Hope everyone has found time for relaxation, amidst the Christmas rush, to slow down and soak in the magic of the holidays.
DSC_0195 DSC_0203 DSC_0231 DSC_0240

Stamp of Approval

{stamps by me}

A month or so back my mom asked me to send her some small doodles of mine so she could have them made into stamps.  It was around the time I had made these, which I thought turned out pretty cute,so I sent her that sketch along with these other two simple little drawings.  I just got the finished products this week and I am so happy with the results.  I have had so much fun playing with them, and they can add such a sweet and personal touch to any card or letter I send now.

{remember him....he's much smaller now}

{i think this is my favorite}

{sneak peek at party invites i'm putting together for a friend's birthday}

Heart Filled Holiday

{i love you}

I spent my Valentine’s Day catching up on all the little holiday crafts I had on my to do list but ran out of time to finish.  Better late the never!  I made quick little valentine’s and chocolate cupcakes with homemade paper flags.  Everything was super easy and turned out so cute, and seemed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

{simple materials for a simple project}

{sweet messages}

{a little glitter and glue goes a long way}

{these flags would be great for any special occasion}

{bite-size cupcakes and sprinkles}

{you tame my heart}

{a cute way to use the new heart-hole punch Bill got me}

{our love is out of this out this world}

{ "sending all my loving to you..." }

{ready for delivery}

Quick Quirky Creations


We have kept our week relaxed and comfy while remaining productive around the house.  It has been nice to feel the pace of things slow down around us.   This week we’ve relished our free hours,  creating in our newly organized art room, cooking homemade meals, and spending time doing the smaller, slower activities in life that seem to slip to the way side when life gets cramped such as crosswords, dominos, reading (sad but true), doodling, or just laundry (oops haha).  My focus right now is getting an Etsy shop up and going sometime in the near future, till then here are a few small cards I’ve been working on.  The new year has me feeling bright, colorful, and cheerful so to get my creative juices flowin’ I drew up this little guy and tried out a few different looks on him.  What do you think? I’m particularly fond of “It’s a Boy”.

{playing with this one}


…and two more… a thank-you card for holiday gifts, and a birthday card I re-made after designing and giving a similar one to a friend.

inside reads:"don't get carried away!"