Casual Color


{F21 t-shirt, levis cut-offs, Cira bandeau, Akinz sunglasses, Antonio Melani sandals, necklace gift from mom, zig-zag bangles thrifted, beaded bracelet made by my aunt, F21 earrings}

Being comfortable has been the name of the game lately.  It’s too hot, and uncharacteristically muggy for Colorado, to wear many layers.  I wore this out for an easy, evening bike ride on Sunday.  Before walking out the door I got a little scissor happy again and cut that big diamond in the back of my t-shirt.  I had seen a girl in Austin who’s over sized t-shirt had a triangle cut in the back, and I really liked the simple way it opened the back …so this inspired by that random girl in Austin.  I love being inspired by street style, and Austin was full of it.  I also purchased these sandals on my recent trip to Texas, and I must say, after searching for the perfect, versatile, nude, flat sandal for quite some time, I am very happy with my purchase.  They have become a summer staple for me.



Neon Spring Fling


{F21 beanie & scarf, H&M sweater, Kira dress, Hue tights, thrifted boots, target sunnies}

It is a spring love affair with neon that is sure to turn into a summer romance. It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of bright colors, and quite honestly I’ve worn outfits with more neon, but I’m super excited that there are so many options out there right now, and that is is so easy to find unexpected accessories with a neon touch.  Neon is everywhere and I’m gearing up to take full advantage of the glowing trend.