Striking Matchboxes


I’ve always had a thing for matchboxes.  I like things in small packages.  I actually have a tiny collection of matchboxes, and books, that I’ve acquired from here and there over the years.  I’d rather strike a match then use a lighter when lighting candles or incense around the house.  I like the smell, and the act, of lighting candles this way.  I place a few boxes around the house, next to candles that are most often lit.  I’m really good at misplacing things, so it’s nice to have what you need near by, and in multiples.  If I had a guest room (one day), I’d place a fantastic scented candle, and a cute  matchbox, on the bedside table.  A candle like this one, paired with a few decorative matchboxes, would make a nice gift, for a hostess or a housewarming.  I might use these as cute party favors one day soon too.

This project is really simple.  I purchased the matchboxes at a local hardware store, the rest of the supplies I had at home already (always have glitter and glue on hand).  If you’re feeling crafty follow the few steps below. Use the downloads I’ve provided, or get creative with other images.  Remember it’s the little things that count.





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