Last week I tried on 3 frames from Rivet & Sway, and by Monday of this week I had my new frames in my hand!   I changed my mind last minute, and ended up buying the Punchline in Neapolitan.  They are great! I’ve pretty much lived in them since Monday with no complaints, only complements!   These frames will be fun to have for the summer, the color just makes them perfectly playful.  Also, every other pair of glasses I’ve owned since high school have been more narrow and rectangular, sometimes you just have to switch things up, and I’m happy I gave these a go.  Come fall I’m sure I’ll find myself in the market for a frame with a slightly more sophisticated touch, so, I’ll be back to Rivet & Sway, because it was just such an easy, pleasant experience.  Plus, their frames are adorable, affordable, and fit!  I’ve always been one for accessorizing, and now with the right frames, fashion and function perfectly meet.  I’m excited to think that from now on glasses can again be part of my wardrobe and outfits, and not just used behind closed doors before bed.glasses2


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