Whirlwind of a Weekend


{happy to be back in Austin, a mango habenero margarita at Spider House, & a beautiful aloe plant}

My trip to Austin this past weekend was quite the whirlwind.  It was filled to the brim with wedding planning, marg sipping, shopping, and catching up with three favorite ladies.  The entire weekend was very productive, but super relaxing.  It had been a while since I had been back to Austin, and this trip I felt inspired by so many facets of the city.  I enjoyed being surrounded by fantastic graphics, and art,  all worn and warmed by the incredible Texas heat.  When we go back this fall for the wedding I’d like to spend an entire day on bike, patio hopping and snapping pictures of all the wonderful walls and signs encountered along the way.  I just simply love Austin’s laid back, funky style, and find Hill Country’s hardy landscape and vegetation strikingly beautiful.

In between wedding planning duties we found time for the pool and a dip in Barton Springs, which was surprisingly, but delightfully, chilly.  We also found relief from the heat in the form of air-conditioning, while shopping for my sister’s wedding shoes, and my bridesmaid dress.  We were successful, and her shoes and my dress are the same amazing, vibrant color.   All in all it was one of the most gratifying, and enjoyable vacations I’ve ever had.  Partly made so sweet because of it’s compact schedule.  It was such a memorable treat to spend this time with my mom and my sister.  Saying good-bye Monday was difficult, but made easier knowing we will have more celebrated time together in October. I’m happy to be home, but I can’t wait to see them, and Texas, again soon. xo

{just 3 of the many wonderful signs admired}

{just 3 of the many wonderful signs admired}


{& inspiring graffiti at dusk}


{at The Burlap Bag Etsy Craft Party}


{my sister’s ring & a peek at her sculpture garden venue}


Watercolored Words

Sometimes it’s best said simply, with beautiful colors. I head back home today after a wonderful weekend with my mom and sister.  I am sad to say good-bye, but I leave feeling inspired and ready to get back to my art room and my two loves. See you soon Colorado.

carpediemjust because2HEARTYOU2

Austin Bound

AUSTINHEREICOMEI am currently waiting for a delayed flight out of Denver to Austin, Texas.  I am meeting my mom and my sister for the weekend to do some wedding planning!  My sister’s wedding isn’t until October, but since we live all over the place, we need a weekend in Austin to see the venue, meet with the caterer, plan a photo booth, finalize invites, and everything else we can manage to fit into the next four days.  I hope to do some of this poolside, or with a margarita and chips and salsa in the equation.  I grew up in Texas, and still have family in Austin, so returning to the Love Star State always feels a bit like a homecoming, though I don’t have many ties there, and rarely get back to visit.  Needless to say, I am very excited to have a girls weekend, packed to the brim with my kinda fun! The icing on the cake is I also get to see one of my very best friends who moved to Austin in August, and who now has a big baby belly.  I’m going to savor every minute of it, even if it’s off to a late start.


I Heart Biking


Things have been pretty wonderful around here lately.  It has been two months since we’ve had a car (we had to say good-bye to my jeep after 10 very adventurous & reliable years together), and biking has become our main mode of transportation this summer.  I have fallen in love.  I’ve always enjoyed biking around our town, but until being forced to rely on my bike daily, I didn’t realize how much joy it brought me.  I love the different perspectives I get while on my bike; it slows you down, and forces you to take notice of your surroundings.  Biking really gets my thoughts, imagination, and creative juices flowin! (not to mention my heart rate!)  I often see things on my ride that inspire me, or compel me to stop and take a picture.  Getting from point A to point B is really never dull, but rather invigorating.  We get our new car this coming week, which I am very grateful for, but I am making a pact with myself to continue to use my bike as my main mode of transportation through the summer. bikestripe3bikestrip5

My necklace was an “accidental” DIY, so stay tuned for a post on how to make it soon!

Voted Best Dad Ever 28 Years in a Row!

Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad ever.  Thank you for your endless support, and all the amazing things you have taught me along the way.   I can’t imagine where I’d be without you.  Thank you for always guiding me in the right direction, while loving me for exactly who I am, or what mistakes I’ve made.    Wish we could go on an antiquing excursion today, or go explore a new place with our cameras.  I look forward to all the many more Father Daughter adventures we will have together.  I love you. xo

P.S. my dad is an avid political button collector, a hobby that began about 15 Father’s Days ago when I framed a few vintage buttons (Kennedy I believe) which he had saved from his childhood.  Years later the few pins I so amateurly framed, are joined by hundreds more, and can cover an entire wall.   They inspired this years Father’s Day cards.
BestDaDButton“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.” ~ Jim Valvano

Father’s Day Card Downloads

Still need a card for Sunday? Below are two free downloads to help show your father how much you appreciate him, not just on Father’s Day, but everyday he’s been by your side, and will continue to be.  Hope everyone has wonderful weekend plans with family and loved ones.  I will miss my father very much this weekend, I’ll be thankful for Skype on Sunday.

:: click photo to download & print ::

:: click photo to download & print ::



WaterColored Roses

flowertiles2I have always wanted to be able to paint beautiful flowers.  So, I’ve been practicing.  I painted these using my grandfather’s water colors that my mom recently sent me.  Water color is one of my favorite mediums.  I love the way color bleeds and and fades.  I love how delicately the paint layers.  It often reminds me of stained glass, and beautiful light.    After playing with the paints on paper, I transferred the images to my computer and messed around with them in Photoshop, making patterns and experimenting with layers.  I get so excited every time I discover new ways to play with mixed media/mediums. My mind is already swimming with ideas, and more visions of water colored flowers. flowerstile3organic2

Striking Matchboxes


I’ve always had a thing for matchboxes.  I like things in small packages.  I actually have a tiny collection of matchboxes, and books, that I’ve acquired from here and there over the years.  I’d rather strike a match then use a lighter when lighting candles or incense around the house.  I like the smell, and the act, of lighting candles this way.  I place a few boxes around the house, next to candles that are most often lit.  I’m really good at misplacing things, so it’s nice to have what you need near by, and in multiples.  If I had a guest room (one day), I’d place a fantastic scented candle, and a cute  matchbox, on the bedside table.  A candle like this one, paired with a few decorative matchboxes, would make a nice gift, for a hostess or a housewarming.  I might use these as cute party favors one day soon too.

This project is really simple.  I purchased the matchboxes at a local hardware store, the rest of the supplies I had at home already (always have glitter and glue on hand).  If you’re feeling crafty follow the few steps below. Use the downloads I’ve provided, or get creative with other images.  Remember it’s the little things that count.







Last week I tried on 3 frames from Rivet & Sway, and by Monday of this week I had my new frames in my hand!   I changed my mind last minute, and ended up buying the Punchline in Neapolitan.  They are great! I’ve pretty much lived in them since Monday with no complaints, only complements!   These frames will be fun to have for the summer, the color just makes them perfectly playful.  Also, every other pair of glasses I’ve owned since high school have been more narrow and rectangular, sometimes you just have to switch things up, and I’m happy I gave these a go.  Come fall I’m sure I’ll find myself in the market for a frame with a slightly more sophisticated touch, so, I’ll be back to Rivet & Sway, because it was just such an easy, pleasant experience.  Plus, their frames are adorable, affordable, and fit!  I’ve always been one for accessorizing, and now with the right frames, fashion and function perfectly meet.  I’m excited to think that from now on glasses can again be part of my wardrobe and outfits, and not just used behind closed doors before bed.glasses2


It was InstaLove

I recently became an iPhone owner, and while there are many reasons I love my up grade, my absolute favorite part about my new phone is the camera.  It’s incredible having a camera at my figure tips at all times.   I’ve been able to capture images on the go, and create images that reflect the simple moments I love so much.  All the fun photo apps out there make photo editing a little addictive too.  I’ve joined the photo sharing world of Instagram and I find it quite an inspiring space.  I look forward to many more moments to snap & share.  If you’re on Instagram follow me @SheWearsGlitter.  Here’s some pics from the  past few weeks, which have been wonderfully mellow and quiet, as we ease into the longer, warmer days of summer.
instacollage copy