New Glasses from Rivet & Sway

Rivet.sway2I wear glasses, actually I wear contacts usually.  However, lately I’ve really been dying to give my eyes a rest, and start slipping back into my frames more often.  My old frames never fit my face correctly, and even after adjustments, they quickly stretched out, and would constantly slip off my face, or completely fall off my face anytime I looked down.  Not okay…retrieving glasses from the toilet, or bowl of cereal, or toothpaste spit is not okay…ever.  I also wasn’t about to sacrifice the cute glasses factor by wearing a froggy all day long, a suggestion from my father, who’s advice I always take to heart, unless it’s regarding fashion.  So, I recently purchased a new pair, which seemed to fit fine while trying them on…but again, after having the lens fit, the frames came to me way to wide for my face.  Oh the frustration!

But, I may have found my solution.  A while back on OhJoy, she posted about an online optical shop called Rivet & Sway, who specialized in women’s frames, and even more excitingly in NARROW & PETIT frames!   After this last failure in finding fitted frames, I finally headed over to Rivet & Sway to shop their site, and to take advantage of the 3 Free Home Try-Ons.  If you’re in the market for new glasses, you really should try this, it’s fun and super simple.  After picking out the 3 frames I wanted try on, I placed my order (no prescription required for this part) and within 2 days the frames were at my house ready for modeling.  I picked out 3 Narrow frames for my face size and shape, and they all fit super snug without squeezing my temples.  I spun, I jumped, and nodded and bounced. They stayed in place while looking super cute and stylish.  Win, Win.  Today I am ordering my first pair (psssst…there’s a sale this week!) so I will keep you all posted on the final outcome.

Which pair do you like best? I’m leaning towards the Je Ne Sais Quoi… but it’s so hard to choose, I want them all.  I want try on these (in Galapagos Green) at home too!


One thought on “New Glasses from Rivet & Sway

  1. Pinstripe Black Crystal. Elegant and goes anywhere with anything. The others are fun and if you get two for the price of one Punchline Neopolitan will light up any moment.

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