Life is Full of Adventure


Just a little something I designed with Illustrator. The more I use that program the more I like it.

All of life’s adventures are a little better with someone along for the ride with you! I’m so happy tomorrow is Friday, this weekend is going to be beautiful.


New Glasses from Rivet & Sway

Rivet.sway2I wear glasses, actually I wear contacts usually.  However, lately I’ve really been dying to give my eyes a rest, and start slipping back into my frames more often.  My old frames never fit my face correctly, and even after adjustments, they quickly stretched out, and would constantly slip off my face, or completely fall off my face anytime I looked down.  Not okay…retrieving glasses from the toilet, or bowl of cereal, or toothpaste spit is not okay…ever.  I also wasn’t about to sacrifice the cute glasses factor by wearing a froggy all day long, a suggestion from my father, who’s advice I always take to heart, unless it’s regarding fashion.  So, I recently purchased a new pair, which seemed to fit fine while trying them on…but again, after having the lens fit, the frames came to me way to wide for my face.  Oh the frustration!

But, I may have found my solution.  A while back on OhJoy, she posted about an online optical shop called Rivet & Sway, who specialized in women’s frames, and even more excitingly in NARROW & PETIT frames!   After this last failure in finding fitted frames, I finally headed over to Rivet & Sway to shop their site, and to take advantage of the 3 Free Home Try-Ons.  If you’re in the market for new glasses, you really should try this, it’s fun and super simple.  After picking out the 3 frames I wanted try on, I placed my order (no prescription required for this part) and within 2 days the frames were at my house ready for modeling.  I picked out 3 Narrow frames for my face size and shape, and they all fit super snug without squeezing my temples.  I spun, I jumped, and nodded and bounced. They stayed in place while looking super cute and stylish.  Win, Win.  Today I am ordering my first pair (psssst…there’s a sale this week!) so I will keep you all posted on the final outcome.

Which pair do you like best? I’m leaning towards the Je Ne Sais Quoi… but it’s so hard to choose, I want them all.  I want try on these (in Galapagos Green) at home too!


A Musical Evening


{F21 dress, H&M clutch, Dolce Vita shoes, old earrings, thrifted bracelet, Le Mer watch, Target sunglasses}

I finally got to see Les Miserables preformed live, at the Denver Performing Arts Center on Friday night.   As a kid I was slightly obsessed with musicals, and when I got to high school I was very fortunate to be involved in an excellent drama and choir department, which put on fantastic musicals every year.  I also have seen many wonderful shows as a result of my love for, and my involvement in, theatre.   But, despite all my exposure to fantastic theater, I never got an opportunity to see one of my favorite musicals preformed, until Friday.  As the curtains lifted and the first notes were sung, I got goosebumps that stuck with me most of the show.  I felt thrilled by watching live theatre again (sad to say I don’t get to go as often as I’d like any more) and to be watching a show I know so well musically and have been singing along with for so long (even if it’s mostly in the shower now) was amazing.  It was a very special night indeed, and I’ve been humming Les Mis tunes ever since.


Cilantro & Parsley Fizz

Want something a little sweet, a little herbalicious, and very refreshing?!  Try this tasty combo.  As the days warm up I’m constantly on the hunt for new ways to wake up my taste buds and zap my thirst…it’s dry here in Colorado and you really have to stay hydrated.  This is the perfect fix for both! I love these to herbs together, but you can mix it up a bit, using other herbs like mint (like a virgin mojito),  or basil.  Get creative with it, and enjoy!


Styled for Summer Rides


{Free People shorts, Loft t-shirt, vintage scarf, Target sunglasses, Gee WaaWaa platforms, I purchased the purse at a small boutique in Seattle, & my Aunt made my beaded bracelets}

We have been on our bikes a lot lately, and it’s quite wonderful.  We rode to Old Town yesterday for a mid day coffee and pie date, stopping along the way to take pictures and enjoy the sunshine.  These shorts I got a while back from Free People, make hopping on a bike a cinch, I really don’t like having to worry about adjusting what I’m wearing while I’m riding.  I love   pairing them with a bright colored tank or T, the combo is super comfortable, and easy to mix up. Oh how I adore summer styling, and getting around on my bike. dot4

Personal Zen


Currently I’ve been focused on practicing being more present. We can only live one day at a time, and I have to constantly remind myself of that.  This can be a challenge when so many things I am working towards require thinking about, and making plans for, the future.  But, for the first time since starting college, I find myself moving in a direction in which I am confident and motivated, with specific career goals in mind.  I have a passion for creating and imagining, and have found a space where my talents can best be put to use.  I am excited to continue working hard and educating myself, knowing it will lead me towards a purposeful and fulfilling career…it only took a decade of exploration, many mistakes, lots of lessons learned, and loving support to find myself here.  For me this means more than reaching for financial security or success.  Finding this direction has made me feel assured in who I want to be as I continue to grow, and is forcing me to ask myself what I truly have to offer others and myself.   The challenge I face now is learning to concentrate on the goals I set for myself, and moving forward with them.  Which is exciting and a little nerve racking for someone who spends too much time thinking about…EVERYTHING.   This is where being more present comes in really handy for me, because I tend to be more focused and productive when I stay in the moment.  Otherwise, my thoughts, my worries, my creativity, and my objectives, all pull me in too many directions.  Right now, as I begin this practice, I am setting daily intentions that ultimately work towards my big picture goals.  I believe in balance in every aspect of life, and this is another place in my life, and in my mind, where I must learn to find a balance.  With our lives in constant flux, we must reassess the areas in our life that need re-balancing, and adjust accordingly.   You know what they say: “Life is a balancing act”.


vibrant.blooms.vinesIt feels like summer is trying to push its way onto the front range! (what!? it was snowing two weeks ago!)  The past three days have been wonderfully sunny and warm.   The perfect kind of days for taking advantage by dusting off the ol’ bike and stretchin’ her legs, we are gonna spend a lot of time together this summer.   Summer months on the Front Range are pretty awesome, and if you find your self bored here, after the sun comes out to stay, it’s never for a lack of entertainment or adventure.  Soon every weekend will host a new festival, or a new concert series.  Kayaks, Paddle Boards, Fishing poles, tents, longboards, slack lines, etc, all are taken from their winter hibernation and put into daily action.  Patios will become the hotspot for any happy hour, and table spots in the sun will become coveted.    Steetmosphere  also kicks off in Old Town this Friday, so art will be back on the streets downtown once again.     Many students leave for vacation, but the rest of us stay and relish everything our city offers us by getting outside.  I love when the color comes back into this town, when it’s vibrancy really gets kicked up a notch.  It simply allows you to find happiness all around.  Hope you enjoy this little illustration that I made to bring a little more color into everyones day.


Good Night


Our neighborhood is very lively (meaning loud) tonight.  We live right next to campus, so this time of year, as classes end, and graduation/summer celebrations begin, the streets get a bit noisy as the sun goes down.  Last night on my bike ride home I passed stumbling groups of drunk college students scattering from a house party.  Several of the guys were down to there boxer briefs…I was wearing a hoodie, a jacket, and a knit cap for my ride. The summer itch gets students extra rowdy.  I’m happy to be held up in the coziness off our newly rearranged room, and grateful that tonight we can sleep with the window open and enjoy the breeze. Tonight I am channeling good dreams.  Good-night all.

May Flowers

The snow in Colorado has finally started to melt, and the earth is beginning to turn green.  So, today I share May flowers and words of wisdom from two inspiring people.  When things get rough I need as many encouraging words as possible.  This week has left me exhausted, and feeling upside down.  Our mantra around the house has become “one day at a time”.  While I was in Tacoma this past week I was taken by all the beautiful flowers in bloom, and since the weather there was surprisingly sunny I was able to snap away any chance I got.  Since being back, it has made me feel more calm and appreciative to spend time working with positive quotes and colorful images.  Using the photos I took on my trip, I created a few little reminders to slow down and smell the flowers.Simple.Happyrunn.truth copybe.uniquehappy.tolstoy copyamazing.poppy copyTolstoy.rose copywarriors