New House Plants

succulents.cactusPlanting season has begun!  Well kind of.  Last week I was able to spend some time on our little patio potting cacti, succulents, and some other small house plants.  I have been itching to surround myself with more plants, so  I spent some time hunting for small unique planters to set around the house, with easy to care for plants.  I found two kitschy, pink, plastic bowls at the thrift store, that, with a few drill holes, became perfect pots for small succulents.  On a visit to the antique mall I spotted a vintage milk strainer which seemed like an ideal choice for three small new cacti I had just purchased. With its base already ready to drain water, it was a perfect piece to repurpose as a planter.

This was my first time re potting succulents and cacti, and it really was very easy.  While picking out my plants at Bath Garden Center, one of my favorite local nurseries,  a staff member suggested I grab a bag of potting mix specifically for desert plants, a combination of soil and rocks, which allows for better draining of their roots.  I was also advised at the nursery not to pack the potting mix to tightly around the roots, and to wait one week before watering the newly potted succulents and cacti. Quick, Simple.  My main purpose for putting these plants in such small containers is so that they can get more sunlight, the one thing that is really important in keeping them healthy.  If you remember from past plant posts, our place doesn’t get enough sunlight, therefore we have to be able to move our house plants around with the sun throughout the day, or take them out on the patio occasionally for a day of full sun.  This is just something we have to keep in mind as we bring plants into our home.

Now we just have to wait another month till the weather is consistently warm (tis the season of sunny today snowy tomorrow here on the front range), and we’ll be able to get our patio garden growing.


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