Spring Snow

spring.snow.stormLast Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday about two feet of snow accumulated on the Front Range, leaving us with much needed moister, and in a slight state of seasonal confusion.  It was by far the biggest storm of the year, not letting up much during the three days.  It was the storm we were waiting for all winter, it just graced us with it’s presents a little later than expected.   Though some springs at this same time year might be spent playing sand volleyball and wearing sandals,  we had to settle for tubing and snowball fights this past week.  But I’ll take it!  It really was beautiful, and with the days still being longer than during most winter storms, we got to enjoy the sled hills longer.  We took advantage of while it lasted, because in true Colorado fashion, most of the snow melted over the weekend, and Bill was golfing on Sunday afternoon…and of course today, as I type, it’s beginning to snow a bit again.  This year my flip flops and my boots find them selves sitting next to each other by the front door waiting to see what the next day might bring.  Crazy spring weather sure does keep you on your toes!spring.steeze


{we brought tubes, but these guys used what the park had to offer}





Working with Illustrator

I took my first Illustrator class this week and I have discovered that I love it!  I just needed to know what all the tools did! Oh Pen tool how initially perplexing you are, but how useful you have become. We got 20 inches of snow the past three days, which meant lots of time to spend working on getting familiar with the program.  Here are some of the designs I came up with. Lots more to come later!

New House Plants

succulents.cactusPlanting season has begun!  Well kind of.  Last week I was able to spend some time on our little patio potting cacti, succulents, and some other small house plants.  I have been itching to surround myself with more plants, so  I spent some time hunting for small unique planters to set around the house, with easy to care for plants.  I found two kitschy, pink, plastic bowls at the thrift store, that, with a few drill holes, became perfect pots for small succulents.  On a visit to the antique mall I spotted a vintage milk strainer which seemed like an ideal choice for three small new cacti I had just purchased. With its base already ready to drain water, it was a perfect piece to repurpose as a planter.

This was my first time re potting succulents and cacti, and it really was very easy.  While picking out my plants at Bath Garden Center, one of my favorite local nurseries,  a staff member suggested I grab a bag of potting mix specifically for desert plants, a combination of soil and rocks, which allows for better draining of their roots.  I was also advised at the nursery not to pack the potting mix to tightly around the roots, and to wait one week before watering the newly potted succulents and cacti. Quick, Simple.  My main purpose for putting these plants in such small containers is so that they can get more sunlight, the one thing that is really important in keeping them healthy.  If you remember from past plant posts, our place doesn’t get enough sunlight, therefore we have to be able to move our house plants around with the sun throughout the day, or take them out on the patio occasionally for a day of full sun.  This is just something we have to keep in mind as we bring plants into our home.

Now we just have to wait another month till the weather is consistently warm (tis the season of sunny today snowy tomorrow here on the front range), and we’ll be able to get our patio garden growing.


A Little Twist

{gifted skirt...no brand, F21 tank, thrifted earrings, bangles, and belt, B Makowsky bag, Target glasses and shoes}

{gifted skirt…no brand, F21 tank, thrifted earrings, bangles, and belt, B Makowsky bag, Target glasses and shoes}

Haven’t we seen this skirt before?  Yep, last week.  But it’s so comfortable and easy when the weather is being finicky and can’t decide if it wants to be warm or chilly. Plus, Northern Colorado springs are usually are accompanied by lots of wind, so the length of this skirt makes for safer strolling on windy afternoons.  I enjoy simple staples that can easily be transformed by accessorizing, and the two new accessories that I think really make this outfit different from the last…my new shoes ♥ and my new bangs! They feel like an accessory because I’m still getting use to them, and loving them! (thank you Kayla!) Hope everyone is having a beautiful and fresh start to their week.

April Showers Bring May Flowers



It’s a new month! Man March flew by!  I am look forward to the weather warming up, but also hoping for lots of April showers so that we have a beautiful, green spring and summer here in Colorado.  Plus, we already have plans for our patio garden this year, and we will be hitting up our local nurseries again, soon as it warms up enough to take the plants outside (they are really ready for more sunlight!).  I love watching the earth come to life this time of year.

Today I am sharing a new wallpaper design that reflects my excitement for rain… as the saying goes April showers bring May flowers…  so a little art dedicated to positive thinking.

Happy 1st of April!

flowershowers:: click here to download Showers Equals Flowers wallpaper ::