Not All Business…Yet!


I’ve been spending most of my free time this week working with Photoshop and Illustrator, and less time taking photos and drawing.  I kinda get sucked in as I’m learning these new programs…but man I love having a new creative outlet, and I just want to learn it all now.  I gave myself this little project yesterday.  What do you think of these business card ideas? I like the bottom two, with the intent of having them printed through a letterpress and given a colored edges (hot pink/aqua?) so that they still have a pop of color.   The goal is to be handing these out by May (I’ve set my Etsy Shop opening date for June 1st!) stay tuned.

{left : created in Illustrator right: created in Photoshop}

{left : created in Illustrator right: created in Photoshop}

2 thoughts on “Not All Business…Yet!

  1. I like the that you have your name being the prominent article on the “card”.
    Have you thought of have the card be made of a material that also can have an opening for a bottle opener. I would definitely keep a card in my wallet that could open a good IPA. They make the material to create these cards that are not much(if not as thin) as a business card. In fact, there may be a whole business in creating business cards that open a good brew. I have bottle openers that are on my key chain with the business name – granted it is not a business card, but I definitely know who I am am calling if I need limousine service.

    Bottom right is my favorite.

    I am curious….. to read the other comments here.

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