Mini Glittered Canvases


This might not be the most in depth DIY tutorial  1. because when I started this project I didn’t know what the plan was, or that I’d be blogging about it  2. because it’s really simple!

I do not have much patience when it comes to letting paint dry between coats, and too often find myself painting on surfaces that are still wet, which leads to tacky, clumpy, and messy work.  My solution…multiple painting projects.  While working on another painting project, I remembered these mini canvases stashed in our art room and decided it was time to give them some color.  The crushed glass glitter I recently purchased (because I NEED more glitter) has such a great texture, on top of awesome sparkle, so why not experiment with it!

1. I began by prepping the canvases with a layer of gesso (quite honestly I believe you could skip this step but using gives the canvas a much smoother finish).

glittercanvasSidebySideFor the first canvas I traced a very light outline for a heart, then, using the red Lumiere paint and a small, flat acrylic brush, filled it in.  I painted 3 layers (with time to dry in between of course!)

Fort the second canvas I used washi tape to mark off 2 triangles and painted 2 of the 4 quarters with purple acrylic paint. Another 3 coats did the trick.

Once painted with simple designs, they needed a little pop…Ta Da! glitter time.

Using the sponge brush I applied a hefty (but no glue pools!) amount of Mod Podge to each edge of the first canvas, then coated the sides with the glitter. *

Similarly, with the second canvas I painted the Mod Podge onto triangles left white, keeping the lines as clean as possible, then glitter away.**

*just a tip: make sure to catch extra glitter that falls using paper under the canvas, there will be a bit

**another tip: just re-glue and re-glitter areas that may be missed. Plus a toothpick can be used to clean up lines and remove unwanted glitter.

While these little guys have found a spot on our kitchen bulletin board (for now) I can see more glittered canvases in my future.



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