{gifted skirt…no brand, F21 T, thrifted earrings, grandmother’s vintage bracelet, target sunglasses, dolce vita wedges, H&M clutch}

The weather got nice enough yesterday to enjoy a drink on the patio, so Bill and I had a spontaneous happy hour date.  After a sweaty yoga class and an afternoon spent cleaning and bumming around in workout gear, it was nice put myself together for a quick outing.  Still feeling a bit casual I threw on a comfy hi-low cotton skirt and plain pale pink T.  I used summer accessories to give the outfit some easy punch.  I purchased this clutch a while ago, but had been saving it for warmer weather…it’s knocking on the door!  The wonderful lion bracelet was a gift from my mother, a hand me down from her mother, who bought it while living in Peru.  It’s very dear to me, and has such special character.

Yesterday was a nice teaser for what’s to come, though I’ll embrace the seasonal swings we have in weather until summer is officially here.



Joie de Vivre

FlowersBW.jpegI’ve been working more and more in Photoshop and Illustrator to edit my illustrations and designs…and I am loving it more and more.  This past week I was asked to design and print 50 cards, by my friend Rose. She wanted cards to send out on special occasions, Birthdays, and just to say hello.  We came up with three designs that she really loved.   All three share the message “joie de vivre”, which expresses the joy of living.  I like that message, so it was a pleasure designing cards to express that.  I created one design that could be sent out to a wide range of people in Rose’s life, keeping it vibrant, yet simple, and with hopes it’s a joy to look at (above design).   The other two below, were more specifically designed for her.  She requested a bulldog card, which was fun because I’ve been known for doodling dogs (I have a few wiener dog designs up my sleeve right now for my sisters wedding). The final card was a collaboration between Bill and I.  Rose had given me a wonderful photo of her and her pup kayaking together, a loved past time, and asked me to incorporate it because the photo had so much happiness in it.  I immediately thought how special it would be if Bill could draw the portrait of the two of them.  I am so thrilled with the final result.  I really love working with him, and it’s exciting explore what we can do together as artists.

This is also the first time I’ve had cards printed professionally (we went through kinkos and did the cutting and the fold ourselves), and I was pleased with how they turned out!


Casey O’Connell: I’m in Love


{it all fades}

I feel a little late to the party, but I just discover artist Casey O’Connell, and I’m in love.  Her paintings immediately grabbed me, and have been inspiring me since first looking through them.  The bold colors, and whimsical images are magical together.  I want every single one.  I even had a hard time deciding which ones to share, so head over to her website to see even more of her amazing work.  Her paintings have such unique perspectives, especially in her Underwater Studies.  I find it enchantingly charming to imagine the world from inside a fish bowl.  I also enjoy her amusing titles, cleverly suggesting the pieces source of inspiration and mood. I cannot pick a favorite.  Can you?

{top:: and...scene // the after party// bottom:: how I am not myself}

{top:: and…scene // the after party// bottom:: how I am not myself}


{don’t be jealous Bill Murray // * notice the cat peering in bowl from above…Bill Murray?}

{panic attack // the gauntlet}

{panic attack // the gauntlet}

ps. check out her murals! what I wouldn’t do for a wall like that!

Neon Spring Fling


{F21 beanie & scarf, H&M sweater, Kira dress, Hue tights, thrifted boots, target sunnies}

It is a spring love affair with neon that is sure to turn into a summer romance. It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of bright colors, and quite honestly I’ve worn outfits with more neon, but I’m super excited that there are so many options out there right now, and that is is so easy to find unexpected accessories with a neon touch.  Neon is everywhere and I’m gearing up to take full advantage of the glowing trend.


ScreenSaverLoveI designed some wallpapers for the Dress Your Tech contest on DesignLoveFest Blog this past week.   It’s fun having small projects that test and push me as a learn how to work in Photoshop and Illustrator, so I kinda went out of control designing a bunch.  Here are a few that I didn’t enter into the running, but I still really like and thought I’d share.  I find I really like having simple messages and colorful images set as my wall paper on both my laptop and my iPad, as daily reminders of the simple things that inspire me and make me happy. (I also think the design with champagne bottles would make a cute celebration/birthday/wedding card)


Walk to Breakfast


I love being able to get around this town by foot, and living in an area that really allows us to do so.  Last Sunday we took advantage of the sunny, but brisk weather, and walked to the Mayor of Old Town with two good friends of ours, for a casual breakfast and cocktails.   This was my first time having breakfast at the Mayor, and after trying the Sweet and Savory breakfast sandwich, I must say I’m a huge fan.  It’s maybe one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve had.  It kinda reminded be of a more sophisticated Mcgriddle (those little suckers use to always get me on morning car trips on our way to the mountains for snowboarding) but this one had much better ingredients (of course) and didn’t leave me feeling greasy.   The guys had phenomenal B&G (biscuits and gravy) which I couldn’t help but steal bites from.  The delicious bloody marys, served with a shot of locally brewed porter, were just icing on the cake, or maybe I should say they just spiced up the morning.

The best mornings are those spent slowly, in good company, with good food.  I hope everyone is having a great weekend filled with both. (and getting your green ready!)


Not All Business…Yet!


I’ve been spending most of my free time this week working with Photoshop and Illustrator, and less time taking photos and drawing.  I kinda get sucked in as I’m learning these new programs…but man I love having a new creative outlet, and I just want to learn it all now.  I gave myself this little project yesterday.  What do you think of these business card ideas? I like the bottom two, with the intent of having them printed through a letterpress and given a colored edges (hot pink/aqua?) so that they still have a pop of color.   The goal is to be handing these out by May (I’ve set my Etsy Shop opening date for June 1st!) stay tuned.

{left : created in Illustrator right: created in Photoshop}

{left : created in Illustrator right: created in Photoshop}

Mini Glittered Canvases


This might not be the most in depth DIY tutorial  1. because when I started this project I didn’t know what the plan was, or that I’d be blogging about it  2. because it’s really simple!

I do not have much patience when it comes to letting paint dry between coats, and too often find myself painting on surfaces that are still wet, which leads to tacky, clumpy, and messy work.  My solution…multiple painting projects.  While working on another painting project, I remembered these mini canvases stashed in our art room and decided it was time to give them some color.  The crushed glass glitter I recently purchased (because I NEED more glitter) has such a great texture, on top of awesome sparkle, so why not experiment with it!

1. I began by prepping the canvases with a layer of gesso (quite honestly I believe you could skip this step but using gives the canvas a much smoother finish).

glittercanvasSidebySideFor the first canvas I traced a very light outline for a heart, then, using the red Lumiere paint and a small, flat acrylic brush, filled it in.  I painted 3 layers (with time to dry in between of course!)

Fort the second canvas I used washi tape to mark off 2 triangles and painted 2 of the 4 quarters with purple acrylic paint. Another 3 coats did the trick.

Once painted with simple designs, they needed a little pop…Ta Da! glitter time.

Using the sponge brush I applied a hefty (but no glue pools!) amount of Mod Podge to each edge of the first canvas, then coated the sides with the glitter. *

Similarly, with the second canvas I painted the Mod Podge onto triangles left white, keeping the lines as clean as possible, then glitter away.**

*just a tip: make sure to catch extra glitter that falls using paper under the canvas, there will be a bit

**another tip: just re-glue and re-glitter areas that may be missed. Plus a toothpick can be used to clean up lines and remove unwanted glitter.

While these little guys have found a spot on our kitchen bulletin board (for now) I can see more glittered canvases in my future.