Off Our Walls: Cat “Observations”


{funny because it is so true}*

I just realized, I share this with the risk that I maybe labeled cat crazy, but really I’m crazy about my cat, and these cartoons remind me how silly she can be.  This series of cartoons are some of my favorite, by cartoonist Jeffery Brown.  They tickle me, even though they are just small “observations” about cat personalities, they make me smile.  We have several of his post cards (which I really love) tacked up on the fridge and on bulletin boards, and I enjoy sharing them with house guests who are cat owners. They always appreciate their simple humor.  It’s the little things isn’t it?

(*image found here…the article it’s linked to is also a good critique read on cat cartoons)

These are my favorites that we have pinned up, they very much reflect our little girl.





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