Designing “Save the Dates”

savethedatelogoI currently am working on my sister’s wedding invitations. I am so honored that she asked me to help design her Save the Dates, and her formal wedding invitations.   Designing the Save the Dates for her, and her fiancé, has been a great learning experience with Photoshop, and I came up with a few options I am really happy with in the process.  This project was also a lesson in collaborating with a client.  My sister has great taste, and while I think our style is similar, I found it took us a few tries to get on the same page about what she envisioned, verses what I envisioned.  But working with clients can be a crucial part of design, and part of the challenge I enjoyed.   I am also really excited about the invitations because she asked me to use my illustrations…so far they are turning out fantastic, and I am working with Illustrator for the first time to improve on my art.  I am having so much fun and I can’t wait to share later!

These are a few of the options I came up with for the Save the Dates while brainstorming layout, design, and color…what ya think? My personal favorite is the Mexican Bingo Card, especially for an Austin wedding.

All engament photography is by MG Photography, shot at the Brooklyn Bridge. savethedate5heart

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2 thoughts on “Designing “Save the Dates”

  1. Great job!
    I like the ones that say “getting married” vs engaged. I also like when the whole year (2013) is in there vs just the “13”. I like the one with them against the wall. Maybe you could incorporate getting married and 2013 in there. Bingo card is good too but the Bridge is not in Austin. That brick wall could be anywhere.

    In any case…. I am looking forward to it.

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