A Polka Dot Day


{F21 jacket, Target shirt, Cira skirt, Hue tights, Jeffery Campbell heels, Francesca’s belt}

The weather continues to be unseasonably wonderful and warm(ish), which I really don’t mind.  It makes getting dressed a lot more fun, plus  I was  thrilled I got to wear my favorite Jeffery Campbell’s again before the snow comes on Saturday (but we’ll wait and see because Colorado weather doesn’t like being predictive).  We have a relaxing and quiet weekend ahead of us, and I hope to spend most of my time in the art room or curled up on the couch with a book. I am looking forward to less eventful weekend, after all the go go go of the past month, just spending quality time at home with my loves.  Hope everyone has a peaceful and calm weekend.

DSC_0759 polkadot5


One thought on “A Polka Dot Day

  1. The polka dots are awesome! Makes me think of the forecoming snow – perfect for the Colorado weather of the moment. Even in CA it gets a bit chilly. We have the fire going tonight and the couch is comfy.

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