During my cousin’s visit about a week ago, Colorado experienced some of the most beautiful January weather, with temperatures in the 60s and sunny.  We took full advantage of the warm, clear days, and what better way in Fort Collins, than with an afternoon brewery tour.  Especially with new guest in tow, visiting one, a few, or all the breweries is a local adventure that must be shared with beer lovers.  Our first brewery to visit was Funkwerks, one of my favorite. Even as one of our newer breweries in town, since opening in 2010 (though the Funkwerks history began before then) they have made quite the name for themselves, within the brew community and with their customers.  I personally love Saisons, their specialty, so grabbing a beer there is always a treat.  This past visit, we were also able check out their new custom Funkwerks art, by local artist Jason Kelsall. I’ve known him since our freshman year at CSU (we lived in the same dorm!), and I’m excited to see his work here in town still.  It looks awesome Jay!

We had a perfect afternoon enjoying great company, some of the best Colorado beer, and lawn games.  Colorado thank you for always treating us so well.

{ hoola hoopin}

{ hoola hoopin}

{this day I was DD, so I drank a cherry-lime italian soda...pretty color isn't it}

{this day I was DD, so I drank a cherry-lime italian soda…pretty color isn’t it}

{colorful patio chairs}

{colorful patio chairs}

[tasting & describing}

{tasting & describing}


2 thoughts on “Funkwerks

  1. “Saison.” Pronounced “SAY-SAWN,” it means “Season” in France and was originally used to describe any low-alcohol pale ale being brewed for the farmers during harvest time. Because the water wasn’t safe to drink, Saisons were passed around instead, albeit at a far weaker alcohol content than anything you’d find today. They were around 3% ABV, which is even “lite”-r than a Miller Lite. Although, flavor-wise, they probably had a little bit more going on, having been strongly hopped to preserve them for the months of storage and often mixed with previous years’ batches or even with fruity, sour Belgian “lambics”.
    At some point, some genius came up with the idea of taking this traditional Belgian style and upping the alcohol level significantly. The brewery Brasserie DuPont in Belgian then popularized this higher alcohol Saison with its signature beer, Saison DuPont, which is largely considered the quintessential version of the style, as well as the most imitated by both Belgian and American brewers.
    The best thing about the Saison as envisioned by Brasserie DuPont and tweaked by scores of other brewers is that it maintains the drinkability of the original “farmhouse” styles while delivering a spectacular level of nuanced flavors and complexity, thanks in large part to the type of yeast being used to ferment the beer.

    • Thank you for the history. It’s really interesting that they used to be low in ABV because, like you said, now most of Funkwerks brews are at least twice that and i can only have one, maybe two. My favorite of the beers are the fruity, sour lambics, and there are quite a few tastey local brews of that flavor here. If you’re ever in Fort Collins we will have to take you on a tasting.

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