Bird Watching

prettybirdThe birds have been flocking to the tree outside our bedroom window to finish the last of the berries hanging from it’s branches.  Mostly Robins and Cedar Waxwings (I had to look them up because I had never seen them around here before) Their colors are so pretty against the grey snowy sky.  They also drive kitty girl crazy.  She loves bird watching, so a tree full is almost too much for her.  Happy last day of February!

2YellowBirdies 3RedRobinsruffledFlyAwayspreadYourWings



Think Positively


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of positive thinking.  It plays such an important role in accomplishing goals and moving forward.   It’s also something I need to keep practicing more often…. so here’s to a more optimistic outlook! … Cheers!


Umami, a Local Eatery on Wheels

UmamiTruckI finally got to try one of our local food trucks! It was a delicious experience.  I had seen Umami parked in front of my favorite breweries many times before, I just never got an opportunity to give it a go until recently.  Even though I wasn’t very hungry I couldn’t resist trying the Thai Nachos with pork, and the Edamame tossed in soy ginger and sea salt.  This was kind of a food truck teaser, and reminder, that when the weather gets a bit warmer, to go hunt down a Fort Collin’s food truck.  I definitely will be back to Umami, wherever the Avion may be parked, to try their Bahn Mi Sandwich! Yum!



Off Our Walls: Cat “Observations”


{funny because it is so true}*

I just realized, I share this with the risk that I maybe labeled cat crazy, but really I’m crazy about my cat, and these cartoons remind me how silly she can be.  This series of cartoons are some of my favorite, by cartoonist Jeffery Brown.  They tickle me, even though they are just small “observations” about cat personalities, they make me smile.  We have several of his post cards (which I really love) tacked up on the fridge and on bulletin boards, and I enjoy sharing them with house guests who are cat owners. They always appreciate their simple humor.  It’s the little things isn’t it?

(*image found here…the article it’s linked to is also a good critique read on cat cartoons)

These are my favorites that we have pinned up, they very much reflect our little girl.




Mini Geodes



I first saw a geode cocktail ring a month ago while shopping on my birthday with my mom and aunt in Tacoma, WA.  I  briefly contemplated getting it for myself as a birthday present, though I quickly talked myself out of it, never being one to spend a lot of money on jewelry.  But, even days after leaving it in the display window, I couldn’t stop thinking about how wonderful I found the organic shape and natural sparkle.  I was sad I might never see another ring like it, and began to kick myself for not taking it home.  However, a quick Etsy search proved that I have no need to worry. There are plenty of beautiful options out there for when I am ready to splurge.

Blackbirds & Brights

{Thread & Supply coat, F21 dress, White Mountain boots, thrifted beanie, Only Mine cashmere sweater, Hue tights}

{Thread & Supply coat, F21 dress, White Mountain boots, thrifted beanie, Only Mine cashmere sweater, Hue tights}

We spent our snowy Valentine’s afternoon rummaging through the aisles of our favorite antique mall, something we hadn’t done together in a while.  Bill was on the hunt for vintage blue prints (for an up coming project), while I searched the crowded shelves and displays for nothing in particular, just letting my imagination wander with my eyes.  We were half successful, no blue prints were found.  The day was cold and grey, so after snapping these photos behind the antique mall, we headed home for a cozy dinner at home, champagne, and a movie. Perfect.

ps I love black birds (I have one tattooed on my back) and this tree was full of them cackling and tweeting to one another…it was a pretty loud commotion on such a quiet day.








Designing “Save the Dates”

savethedatelogoI currently am working on my sister’s wedding invitations. I am so honored that she asked me to help design her Save the Dates, and her formal wedding invitations.   Designing the Save the Dates for her, and her fiancé, has been a great learning experience with Photoshop, and I came up with a few options I am really happy with in the process.  This project was also a lesson in collaborating with a client.  My sister has great taste, and while I think our style is similar, I found it took us a few tries to get on the same page about what she envisioned, verses what I envisioned.  But working with clients can be a crucial part of design, and part of the challenge I enjoyed.   I am also really excited about the invitations because she asked me to use my illustrations…so far they are turning out fantastic, and I am working with Illustrator for the first time to improve on my art.  I am having so much fun and I can’t wait to share later!

These are a few of the options I came up with for the Save the Dates while brainstorming layout, design, and color…what ya think? My personal favorite is the Mexican Bingo Card, especially for an Austin wedding.

All engament photography is by MG Photography, shot at the Brooklyn Bridge. savethedate5heart

2xSaveDateBlog 3xSaveDateBlog bingosavedate.8withflowers4bolg KatieDaveWall22


Off Our Wall: Portraits of Our Pets

These are two paintings I did of Scout at least five years ago.  They are short of silly (and she is not black in either picture) but, I’ve really been loving them lately.  They have been on our wall for so long, but I thought I’d share them here.  I think she’s due another portrait session soon.

Scout in Blue

{always sitting in my way while I’m trying to draw…so a drew her}

Scout in Red

{because she looked bossy & like an angry kitty that day}

I kinda cringe to share Bill’s artwork after mine because he is so good.  He did this one yesterday.  The boy has been on our mind.  Bill’s art work amazes me…hopefully he will have his own blog up soon!