It is always fun to show friends or family from out of town around Fort Collins.  This past week my cousin met several of his friends here in Colorado, and we invited them to stay with us for a few days.  Like us they all appreciated amazing food and good drinks so entertaining them was easy in a town that offers a lot of both.   Restaurant 415 is a newer restaurant to Fort Collins, but its reputation for fresh, delicious, & creative dishes has made it one of my must share restaurants with visitors.  Plus it’s unique to Fort Collins, and the kitchen uses ingredients that are locally sourced.

The menu has so many options that make my mouth water, making decisions can almost be impossible.  I was delighted when the entire table agreed we had to try my recommendation of the Papa’s pizza as an appetizer, it never disappoints.   We all ordered a different sandwich off the menu, sharing bites, because choosing just one was very difficult.  I also just love a meal where food is shared as part of the experience of enjoying good company and excellent food.   However I was very happy with my order, the Provinçial, with added bacon of course. Yum. But each one was delicious in its own right…and affordable.  I may be back to visit, sans guests, sooner than later.








One thought on “415

  1. Looking forward to a visit to the 415. (I guess 420 was taken).
    I am REALLY surprised they don’t open at 4:15 instead of 5:00.

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