Our Visitor

Our recent visitor is fat, furry, and has a torn ear.  He also loves eating our pumpkins. And taunting the pets.  I know I should probably shoo him away, but I find him pretty cute.  Plus, he provides entertainment for the pets.  Poor Scout really wishes she could go outside and chase him, however, she is strictly an indoor kitty (unless she sneaks out).   This not so little guy has returned daily to greedily grab handfuls of pumpkin and seeds. I think I like knowing he’s being well fed before the true cold comes. I do not like the mess he has made on our porch.  And he hasn’t brought any friends, so it’s been a private feast, minus the watching eyes from behind the glass door.  Oh well, pumpkins season is almost over, it’s time for tinsel and a tree.  I’m happy my pumpkins haven’t gone to waste, and I hope Mr. Squirrel has fattened up plenty for the winter.


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