In Our Kitchen

1. potstickers & edamame for dinner at a friend’s (she made quinua stir fry…delicious)
2. coucous (the dish so nice they named it twice) salad topped with sautéed chicken breast 
3. pre-roasted yellow tomatoes, garlic, onion & jalapeños with parsley & olive oil,
finished veggies were served over wild rice
4. veggie sautée
5. steak & bacon
6. finished steak & bacon + mashed sweet potatoes
7. pizza & wine…because somedays you just want to chill
8. roasted spaghetti squash + butter & bacon
9. spicy tomato & bell pepper shrimp over roasted garlic risotto + roasted cauliflower

I believe I have mentioned before the lack a light in our place (only a few dozen times).  Trying to take quality pictures with the Nikon in the kitchen often proves very frustrating.  The task of getting pictures of the food we cooked, became more consuming than the cooking itself (turns out having a tripod set up in the kitchen while your multitasking a meal can be stressful).  Needless to say it took some of the enjoyment out of cooking.  Because of this, I have been unable to share the amount of food I would like to, despite many efforts.   I really wanted to be able to share the wonderful foods, and recipes, we make and experiment with, however I don’t want to sacrifice the pleasure I get from cooking.  I have come up with a solution until we get a space with more natural light.  With the use of my iPad I will be documenting our weekly kitchen endeavors through a simple shots.  It will be fun for us to see our eating habits change with the seasons, or the contents of our fridge.  We are big on using what we have on hand, making a meal up as we go, so don’t be surprised if you see a few dishes that seem discombobulated.  I’ll still be doing more recipe specific blogs, but this will save me from feeling I have let too many wonderful meals go unacknowledged, and I can share even more food here.  Yay more food! Plus who doesn’t like food collages.

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