Caught in Bed

My pets mean the world to me.  I’ve had Scout for seven years.  Bill has had Rocky for almost six years, and I have been with them for the past 5.  They are a big part of our little family.  When we first moved in together there was a big question mark surrounding how our 91lb boy would get along with our 11lb girly.  Rocky had never been around kitties before so I was a little anxious, but I knew she would fend for herself and hide if he saw her as a snack.  To our relief it was disinterest at first sight.  A curiosity grew in both of them as they learned to share a small space, and our attention.  It’s been wonderful to watch their relationship change and even grow.  Scout has pretty much established herself as the tiny boss of the house.  She likes to jump out of closets, or from behind furniture, at Rocky.  He now hesitates every time he enters our bedroom in the evenings (when she’s rowdiest) knowing she’s crouched, waiting to pounce.  It is really cute, and kind of embarrassing for Rocky.  We have also seen many sweet moments between them.  When one of them doesn’t feel well the other knows.  After a bad slip on ice last winter, Rocky was left with a sore paw.  Once we got him home and settled down on his bed, Scout approached him.  He was very still and quiet as she smelled both of his front paws, before giving his injured paw tiny kitty kisses.  It was a brief and simple moment, but it made me so happy to see this closeness between them.  While they have not gotten cuddly yet, I see them getting more comfortable and loving towards each other.   It is special and wonderful catching them together in bed like this.  It’s amazing how much joy these two give me.

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