Some Old & Some New

 It’s my favorite finding thrifted/vintage pieces for a steal.  It’s even more exciting when they go perfectly with a new dress you’ve been looking to accessorize.  I got this dress while in Seattle, and though it came with a cute, simple belt, this one I found at the Goodwill is much more unique, and more me.  I wore it backwards because I love the beaded pattern, and it had to be shown off.  I’m pretty sure I had the some belt when I was a kid!  The necklace I found while exploring a new flea market we spotted on the way out to Bill’s dad’s house in Loveland.  We only had 10 minutes to look around because they were closing, but we are quick shoppers.  We also left with a new cast iron pan and strainer for the kitchen.  We’ll have to go back when we have more time.  I love the hunt, especially with so much success.

ps Everyone get out and vote! Today is an important day!

{F21 dress, Kut jacket (similar), Target socks, Thrifted bracelets and belt, F21 earrings and rings, Frye boots, necklace was a new flea market find}

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