Something In the Morning Air

Crisp, chilly air brings me to life in the mornings, invigorating the senses and awakening the body.  We have been gifted with many of these type of mornings the past week.  The moon has even remained visible most mornings, as if it too wants to stick around to enjoy the magnificence of our day’s earlier hours.  So, again I’m expressing how much I love fall.  I cherish that here in Colorado you can watch, and feel, the earth change with the seasons.  I find myself more creatively and spiritually inspired during the fall than during other times of the year.  Maybe it can be attributed to  the sense of calm, peace, and stillness which settles over me after busy summer months.  Carrying this inner quiet, and motivated inspiration, into the holiday season is always the challenge.   As they (the holidays) quickly approach, I will use my early morning walks with Rock to jump-start each day, reminding myself to slow down, and not to cram my mind, or my schedule, with unnecessary stress.


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