A Home Is Where You Make It

Ever since I can remember I have been inspired by the way my mom decorated and designed interior spaces.  Every house we lived in (and there were quite a few as a military family), quickly became a home because of her natural abilty to transform space.  Her homes are always cozy and uniquely decorated with items collected from our family’s travels.  When I go visit my parents, no matter where they have moved to, their house feel like home to me, even though I haven’t actually lived in any of their homes for the past ten years.  Their current home is perhaps my favorite so far, with huge windows that face a unobstructed view of The Sound, and light yellow vintage kitchen appliances.  I love taking in all the details, and there are so many that I never get tired of taking it all in.  I find myself constantly snapping pictures of all the little things she has set up around the house, appreciating it all separately, and as a whole.  She has such a good eye for quirky folk art and funky vintage pieces, and it all finds its way to mesh together effortlessly and welcomingly.  She’s passed me her eye and appreciation for all things well loved and one of a kind.  I would be honored if someone compared my home to my mom’s, and I like to think my home does reflect the same warmth, coziness, and personality as hers.

I have also come to realize how much I like taking photos of plants, and my mom has a lot of those, especially now that they live where it is so wet!  I really fell in love with all the little succulents she had arranged on her front porch table.

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