Memories Made Simple

{a trip to the Seattle EMP Museum}

{Jagger photoed by Jim Marshall – EMP Rolling Stones Exhibit}

{delicious bloody which accompanied a delicious crab BLT}

{at the market}

{tomato love}

{ginger pig snack}

{an evening out with my cousin}

{rain boots & wet leaves}

{the rain came}

My visit with my parents was, as it always is, exactly what I needed.  There is always so much to explore and see while visiting, however this trip was focused mostly on spending quality time together.  Great food, reading, relaxing, shopping, and talking took up most of our week.  We didn’t have any big adventures on our agenda, which was perfectly alright by me.  We ate out at many fantastic restaurants, and had some even more amazing home cooked meals, courtesy of my mom and my cousin.  The beautiful weather turned rainy at the end of my visit which meant more time to read (I never find enough time at home and I started my first Steven King book which I can’t put down).  Sometimes the best vacations are the ones filled with the simple pleasure of being around those you love.  This one was memorable and very special to me.  It’s not often I get both my parents all to myself for a full week (thank you Bill for staying at home with the pets xo).  It’s funny how a trip like this can feel so long, yet simultaneously way too brief when it comes time to say goodbye.


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