Making Room for New

Things have been changing around here.  Bill and I have let the shift in the season, shift us both into new directions.  Moving towards a more calm and productive time in our home.  We are both also focusing on several projects that will help motivate even further positive change, and growth for our futures.  We have been busy too.  Work keeps me feeling busy, and honestly a little too tired sometimes.  My work now doesn’t motivate me creatively, in fact it sometimes drains me.  My goal entering this fall is to increase my energy levels so that when the sun starts going down early I’ll have plenty of umph for all the fall activities, crafts, and recipes I want enjoy!

In preparation for the colder weather, meaning more time spent inside, we have been cleaning and reorganizing like crazy!  The piles of clothing we are both  emptying ridiculous amounts of clothing from our closets.  Honestly a lot more me then him.  Here’s proof…

It really feels amazing to be clear of so much clutter.  I want to live more simply.  Make clearer decisions.

And maybe get some new fall clothes now that there is room.

Hope everyone else is looking forward to fall as much as we are.


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