Birthday Boy


Yesterday was my loves birthday.  This year, instead planning a party, we had a simple, fun filled day followed by a great dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant. And margaritas of course. It’s going to be another great year babe!

{It was Ben’s Birthday too so he helped with the candles}


Still in Season

Feeling inspired by fruit today.  I want to incorporate fresh fruit into as many meals as possible for the next few weeks while everything is still in season!   Last night we had Apricot Mint Couscous that was killer.  I’m looking forward to my lunch leftovers already! We were too hungry, and the food was to good, so we didn’t slow down to take any photos.  But I promise it’s pretty amazing.  I added goat cheese and pine nuts to mine also.

This evening I’m going use the blueberries and cherries in our fridge to try out this new crumble crust.  (The pictures above were taken while making mini cobblers a few weeks ago).

How do you prefer your fruit? Savory or Sweet. Personally I can’t get enough of either.

The Weeks of Summer Fly By

Summer has not slowed down one bit!  We just got back from a visit to San Antonio, where we watched my little sister graduate from Baylor Army Medical School for Physical Therapy.  I couldn’t be a prouder big sister.  The trip was made more special by our family all being together for the first time in too long, boyfriends included. San Antonio holds a lot of history for my military family, who have always been on the move but, have in many ways, always ended back in SA.  Being in our old stomping grounds brought back a lot of memories and stories, most of which were spurred by trips past “family landmarks”.   The trip was a whirl wind, but wonderful!   Now, back and unpacked, I feel ready to slow down. Coming home to a cooler Colorado (this week’s highs are in the 80’s), after the scorching heat of Texas, gives me the first itch for fall.   Plus, with students back in classes today and football back on TV, you know fall is just around the corner.  While I may not be back at CSU this fall, I will be starting Web Design and Photoshop classes in two weeks at The Fort Collins Digital Workshop. I’m really excited about learning new tools and skills that can help me improve within this blog, but also will help me explore new projects and possibilities.  Stay tuned.  Here are some photos I was able to snap in between the busy times, trying sum up the past few “go go go” weeks.

{perfect apricots, a gift from our neighbor}

{paper lanterns on our patio}

{an evening out together}

{a toy on loan for the summer}

{the boys doing their morning yoga}

{kitty girl basking in the sun}

{cocktails before our late night flight}

{color of San Antonio}

{river walk}

{first visit back to my high school in nine years}

{Indica, part of our welcoming home committee}