Everyday Beauty

{mini moments of beauty}

Everyday I try to be more grateful for the small things life.  I love seeing the beauty in everyday simplicity.  Here is a glimpse into the past few days.  These are moments I cherish.

{our little girl}

{fun floral nails}

{a new kitchen rug we got thrifted for 3$}

{I love having fresh flowers in the house….}

{… & using untraditional vases to coral them, such as this tiny tea cup for a single bud or this vintage beaker to hold the bunch}

{late night snack preparation}

{stack of new to me Vogues for inspiration}

{my favorite…cherries}


Bold & Bright

Nollie skirt, thrifted tank and purse, Minnetonka moccasins, Anne Taylor Loft sunglasses, necklace from friend’s yard sale box, Cira earrings}

Busy and hot  pretty much sum up the past few weeks.  July seems to be flying by, as time often does, but has been filled with a good balance of work and play.  We have managed to fit in some amazing home cooked meals (my newest obsession being homemade summer corn chowder with fresh jalapeños), a day lounging on the lake, evening golf games, and a night of dancing to celebrate a good friend’s birthday.  With our busy schedules bouncing us between long work days, and filled days off, trying to get the most out of summer, I have been living in easy pieces and shoes that I can move comfortably and quickly in .  I love these new Minnetonka moccasins, I could easily live in them.  The necklace I snagged while packing up a (very unsuccessful) yard sale me and two other girlfriends held. I really liked the candy colored beads in contrast to the natural wood beads, as well as the  chunky playful appeal.  It is just so easy to get away with bright colors in the summer, and I just can’t help myself but to be bright.  Hope everyone has a colorful and happy Monday.

Life Lately

Just some things that are making me happy these days.

{vintage vase & umbrellas to make summer drinks more festive}

{mini bottles & vintage wine box shelf to hold tiny treasures}

{flavored sugars for summer deserts & cocktail rims}

{comfy moccasins}

{cooling off at night on our patio}

Hope there is lots to make you happy this week.  xo

1 Year Down, Many More to Go

I’ve been in a blog slump.  Not for lack of inspiration really, but more because life outside (of the internet) seems so busy and in need of my full attention.  Sometimes, being at my computer, especially when the sun is out, just seems silly and wasteful.  But I do love this space, and last week was my one year anniversary of WithGlitterandBellsOn, and I probably should have given myself a pat on the back for this but it kinda went without acknowledgment.  I have learned so much over the past year, and I look forward to learning even more in the year ahead, I just currently need sometime to focus on what I want for myself, and my blog, in the next year.   So, I am here today to assure that I don’t fall out of the routine of writing in this space and sharing photos, because sometimes life does pull you away from your computer – like my family being in town this week, or an injured boyfriend (last week) – and like going to the gym, if you let yourself fall too far out of the routine, it’ll only be longer and longer between visits until one day, you find the most physical activity you do is walking from your couch to the kitchen for a snack.  Maybe? Any other bloggers feel this way? Well, I’m off because today requires that I work on cover letters (come on career! and new horizons!) But don’t feel too bad for me, I will be dancing soon enough this afternoon when we head out to Laporte for some awesome local music and a local brew.  Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

{visiting New Belgium on the 4th with family}