Home Sweet Home

I feel so grateful to have such a wonderful home. It may only be a smallish two bed, two bath apartment but we have made every inch of it ours, and for the first time since leaving my parent’s house I have a space that I feel so comfortable and truly at home in.  Throughout college I moved too often, and was too static with my schedule and social life to create a home for myself, but as I got older and life evolved, the need for a space which I could retreat to, and feel safe in, became necessary and natural.  Also, this is Bill and my first place together.  In the short few years we have lived here our lives together have become more bonded.  Our relationship has faced the challenges and beauty that accompany sharing a home and life, but it has only grown stronger.  Within the walls of the wonderful space we have created, our most treasurable times together are held.  All that aside, I just plain love having a place to decorate, and having a boyfriend that likes to help make the house look awesome.   It’s a fun process finding ways to make it unique and perfect for us.  While we both dream of a backyard, a bigger kitchen and more windows (our place lacks sources of natural light sadly), this place is ours and that makes it everything we could ask for.  And in the wake and on going burn of the fire west of here, I  have felt a heightened sense of thanks for what we have, so here is a homage of sorts to my home, paid threw a few pictures I took while enjoying being there with my little family.

{newest globe added to our collection}

{need a light?}

{a peek at the bookshelf adorned with vintage glasses}

{our comfy couches may lack style but for now they are ideal for two pets to lounge around on all day, and the denim holds up awesome to kitty claws}

{fridge fun)

{a little green}

I would also like to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last two posts and sent their concerns and good wishes to our community and to Colorado.  My thoughts will be with all those directly effected by wildfires this summer and with those fighting to keep all safe. Thank you again for your support!

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