Hey Shorty

{thrifted shorts, noble u top, thrifted purse, sunglasses and silk scarf, dolce vita shoes, earrings a gift from mom}

I’m really picky about shorts.  There is a certain length I’m comfortable wearing, you won’t see me in hot pants, but if they are too long I feel they make me look shorter then I like to think I am.  I found a few pairs that really like while thrifting a week or so ago, and I’m happy to have added them to my summer wardrobe.  While dresses and skirts are a summer staple for me, windy summer evenings on the Front Range often require keeping things wrapped up in order to avoid an inevitable wardrobe malfunction/flashing.    So now, whenever the afternoon breeze rolls in, I have few perfect pairs of go to shorts that help flatter my frame, while keeping my legs appropriately  covered.

At 5’2 I’m always looking for ways to add a little extra height, and I love the way these Dolce Vita wedges help my height while making my legs look longer, especially when I’m wearing shorts.  And though some days a wish I had sky high legs, I really love being short for many reasons.  I fit very comfortably in small spaces, I rarely feel cramped when flying, even in economy, and I can always make myself taller with a great pair of heels.


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