Remain Calm

I’m having computer problems again, and so, my 2 month old Mac is currently out of commission.  It’s sad and frustrating to have a new computer just stop working and shut down on you completely in the middle of working on a new blog post.  I feel I have the worst luck with electronics, or maybe it’s just me.  However, I refuse to let computer woes get me down again, so I’ll be taking lots of pictures and spending time in the art room until it’s working again.  Maybe it’s good to sometimes have separation time from our computers, and, I’ll have lots to share upon it’s (fingers crossed) safe return.

The morning after the computer malfunctioning, I spent  quiet time in the art room creating a quick card for a good friend, and massage therapist, who I haven’t been able to see enough of lately. I’ve been able to keep myself in a calm and peaceful state despite some rather irritating and discouraging events this past week and I think this doodle was a reflection of that need for momentary meditation, even if it’s just found in a simple cup of tea.  I really like this image and I think I’ll be tweaking with it some to use it again.


Hope everyone has a peaceful and happy day!

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