Chalkboard Boxes

Chalkboard paint is such a cute and easy way to turn a thrift store find into something new and fun.  When I spotted these three plain dry goods storage boxes I thought they’d be the perfect candidates for a little sprucing up project.  And since in the past our flour and sugar has been kept high, these containers bring some kitchen staples within an easy reach for my short self.

{chalkboard paint, sponge brush, paint tray, tape, scissors, and a surface to paint}

I first cleaned the surface I was going to be painting, then taped around the front face of all the boxes in order to keep the edges  clean and smooth.

{first coat}

Make sure to use long, one directional strokes when painting so that the paint dries in a more smooth finish.  Also I found two coats of paint to be perfect, just make sure you let the paint dry thoroughly between coats.

{second coat}

After 24 hours of dry time, lightly rub a dusting of chalk over the entire painted surface, then wipe clean.  This primes the paint for further chalking, so let you imagination do the rest.


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