Simply Clean & Colorful

{dress thrifted, coach purse thrifted, Dolce Vita shoes, Cira sunnies}

My mom is in town visiting and I am just so happy to have her here staying with us for the next few days before her and I fly out of Denver Thursday for my cousin’s wedding on the east coast.  Bill and I spent the weekend, and most of Monday, doing some serious spring cleaning, getting our home ready for her stay, but once the place was sparkling and feeling fresh, it was time to move into vacation mode, and enjoy my mom’s company along with a few small Northern Colorado adventures.  Yesterday was her first full day here and the weather was beautiful (in the 80’s!) so we headed a bit south to Boulder, stopping for some quick thrifting along the way.   And after spending the previous three days in grungy cleaning clothes, absolutely covered in dust, grime, and the harsh smells of cleaning product, it was also the perfect day for throwing on a easy sundress paired with very pretty, simple accessories.  Having a relaxed day, to eat wonderful foods, sip fresh cocktails, and  do a little shopping, means that we had lots of time to catch up on mother daughter time.  Today we’ll probably do more of the same.



3 thoughts on “Simply Clean & Colorful

    • I just wanted to thank you for your nomination. Sorry for the delayed response but returning from vacations always sets me back as I catch up on work. But now I am back into my groove. It really is an honor to have other bloggers respond to my posts and what I find inspiring. So thank you again for your encouraging words.

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