Pizza Party

{getting set up}

One of my best friends, Alli, celebrated her 30th birthday this week, a year worth commemorating with close friends, amazing food, and a youthful attitude as you wave good bye to your 20’s and welcome (hopefully) your 30’s.   When we started talking plans a while back, the ideas we threw back and forth were quite extensive and elaborate, thus more $$$.  But as her birthday approached, and plans still had yet to be solidified, the feeling that perhaps we were making too much out of what should be a relaxed and easy evening, arose in both of us.  Uncle’s Pizzeria opened at it’s new location in Old Town Fort Collins a few month ago, but Alli has been raving about their food since before the move. However, the location change placed Uncle’s right behind Alli’s work making it even easier for her to become a huge fan and familiar face with the staff and owner, Garrett.  It was Alli’s idea to simplify most everything by having her birthday dinner here.   Immediately I volunteered to decorate and bring a little pizzaz to the pizza party, and that is exactly the inspiration I used, a pizza party from back in the day, a little through back to all of our youths with an elegant and charming spin, making it oh so appropriate for us adults and our inner child.    I let the color palate be broad, but bright and full a spring hues.   I wanted the decorations not to take themselves to seriously,  just allowing them to provide fun, amusing, and whimsical eye candy for the table and guests.  I have learned, as many bloggers before me have shared, that gold spray paint can make anything look more fabulous and chic.  Who knew that children’s toys and tacky mini vases could turn into little treasures when covered in a healthy dose of metallic gold. I originally got the idea from this Heart-of-Light post (I also was inspired by this nifty little DYI), but quickly realized, as I dug threw the toy bins at the thrift store, how many more things would look awesome gold, like treasure trolls! Never would I have thought that I would revisit these tacky naked dolls again…until they were gold.  Or the mini gum ball machine my friend Alexis helped turn into a terrarium for the table. Magic.

I’ve been obsessed with simple tissue paper flowers for years.  They are so easy to make and create a colorful, festive vibe wherever they are used.  I didn’t have any original plans for the flowers when I started making them, i just started snipping away, making all sizes and colors.    Eventually the smallest flowers got wired to wooden skewers and placed in each gold mini vase, while the larger flowers (decided upon arrival) served as chair decorations. The birthday girl’s chair was extra adorned making her a floral throne.    Guest loved them so much most got snatched up at the end of then evening, I love when paper becomes so precious and appreciated.  (Flower Tutorial Tomorrow)

Everything else was a cinch.  Uncle’s turned out to be the perfect location for our grown-up pizza party, with their clean, natural, and open ambiance, and pizza that is quite spectacular, my favorites of the night being the Margarita and the Braised Pork pizzas.  Yum.  We ended the night with Alli’s homemade Chocolate Butter Cream Frosted Cake and goodie-bags. I filled the bags with retro candy, cheesy trinkets, and I made these  + more gold!   It was also wonderful to have very little clean up (thank you to Kate who took wonderful care of us all night), because there really is nothing like a wrecked kitchen or home to take the fun out of a party.

Everyone had a great time and I’d like to check this party off as a success! Happy Birthday Alli and I hope this year brings you the most exciting adventures and  great happiness! xo

{I love using herbs as center pieces, at the end of the night the host, or guests can take them home. This cluster contained Lemon Balm, Mint, and Rosemerry}

{an easy way to add color + fresh cut Lilacs}

{mini terrarium}

{good company + good laughs}

{homemade birthday cake}

{goodie bags}

{after math}

{end of a wonderful evening}


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