Oh Gee Wa Wa! Those Shoes Are Cute!

Here are the wonderful shoes I found at Clothes Pony I mentioned earlier.  I had never heard of GeeWaWa shoes before I tried these on, but I am hooked.  They could quite possibly be the most comfortable shoes, with hight, that I have ever worn.   However the delicious colors and the simple style won me over before my feet even got a say. The purple and ox blood suede looks so rich and feels so soft.  I can’t seem to stop wearing them, and I kind of want them in more colors.  Being able to wear these shoes with cute dresses and shorts the past week makes me forget where I live and what time of year it is.   The weather has been so nice I think most of Fort Collins has forgotten that April hasn’t even arrived and we still might be due some snow.  But until then we will all keep on soaking up every moment of this spectacular spring weather, breaking out the sandals a few months earlier than usual.   I have been so excited for summer to bring warmer weather, and I can’t remember the last time a new pair of shoes made me feel so giddy, the combination of enthusiasm has been motivating me to dress in bright, bold colors.   Even if Summer won’t be here officially for a few months, these shoes have kicked me out of my winter dull drums.

{target shirt, F21 skirt, vintage jewelry}

{twinkle toes}

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